Mr. Henninger’s Makerspace: Tinkers Club

img_4618Nothing to do after school? Interested in engineering or just coming together with your friends to make something cool? Mr. Henninger has opened a makerspace, otherwise called “Tinkers Club” for all those curiously innovative students at school. The title says it all but I will care to elaborate: this newly formed club is to welcome students into a creative space that lets them freely do or invent whatever they want, things they want to put their minds to, and on top of everything lends them the tools to learn something new!

img_4621Although the club popped out of nowhere, it’s quickly taking shape and forming a growing community of engineers all over Garden Grove High School. Advisor Mr. Henninger states that he hopes to “inspire and motivate students to do something cool.” In the near future, the club is looking forward to going as far as making a drone or even a robot. Of course in order to get there, we must start small.

First launched on November 3rd, the turnout was filled with hopeful faces and eager students as they lined up to see what the club had to offer. It started with a cardboard design hooked up to a battery and a LED light that flashed different colors periodically. With a fairly easy objective and manageable materials, individuals understood the context of the project. They were able to execute it without fail, inclined to problem solve along the way. With various challenges involving a form of engineering, do not underestimate anything capable of threatening safety;img_4603 Justin Nguyen (12) suggests, “don’t mess around with safety scissors.” Many students eventually concluded that engineering is “harder than it looks”, but otherwise are ecstatic to take part in hands-on projects. There are many more opportunities to gain insight and experience with tinkering, be sure to keep an eye out for the next after school gathering and join in on the fun!img_4602