Mr. Griffin and Mr. Gorcoff’s Trip to Mount Whitney

Everyone wants to accomplish a set of goals in life. Mr. Griffin teaches English Honors and AP Lang at Garden Grove High School and Mr. Gorcoff, a Special Ed teacher, spent an intensive and exciting summer together hiking their way to Mount Whitney. It isn’t an easy task. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

griffsigningMr. Gorcoff: “Checking Mt. Whitney off my bucket list had been a goal for years. I knew it would be a significant challenge as I know two people who were on Whitney excursions with each having a team member perish. After an 11- mile climb wth an elevation gain of some 6k feet, summiting at 14, 508 and looking down on the entire Continental US was a rush. I left my mark by signing my name and “Just a Kid from Akron” in a book kept in a steel box by rangers at the peak. Not for the faint of heart, but tremendous experience indeed”

Mr. Griffin: “I’ve been wanting to get to the top for well over a decade. (I love to go to the top of things! The accomplishment! The view!) As a hiker, it’s the ultimate peak in the lower 49 states. (It’s the highest point in the US! Only Alaska has high mountains) Most people start the hike at about 3-3:30 AM in the dark. We got on trail at 4:30. The hike takes between 12-16 hours normally. We took 14 hours. I used to write down the names of all the peaks I climbed. I have been to the top of the 3 highest mountains in South California and probably between 20-30 mountain tops. It was freezing-especially on top! The weather was =250 with clear skies and bitter cold. My best moment was when my friends joined me at the top- we got separated- and had a beer.”