More Than Just an AVID Tutor: Ms. Pesak

MEDiC Club Meeting

Some students find themselves having trouble in certain subjects in school. With so many students in a classroom and not enough hours in a day, one may leave the classroom door, thinking “I don’t understand the lesson.” AVID is an educational program that prepares students for college by reinforcing academic cores such as the A-G requirements, and encourages encouraging students to take rigorous courses. Besides the AVID teachers, students receive assistance from other resources–AVID tutors. AVID tutors are college students who come in every Tuesday and Thursday to provide AVID students encouragement, advice, and tips. Among these AVID tutors is a notable alumni–Ms. Pesak. 

Ms. Pesak is an alumni from Garden Grove High School’s Class of 2012. She is currently attending UCI and pursuing a career as a neurosurgeon. Between work and school, attending UCI accommodates for Ms. Pesak’s busy schedule. She describes the campus as “beautiful and filled with amazing and friendly people.”  

Since the age of 12, Ms. Pesak has always been interested in the human mind. Because of her family’s history of neurosurgical diseases, she hopes to “develop affordable treatments for families like mine with mental illnesses.” It is through her love and passion for the medical field that she created the MEDiC club that remains active today at Garden Grove High School. Ms. Pesak’s sole purpose for creating MEDiC was to inspire and inform students curious and interested in the medical field. “I wanted students to explore different specialities within the profession and introduce many perspectives from the field,” she explains. In order for her peers to gain a deeper understanding and different paths necessary to succeed in the profession, Ms. Pesak reached out to a wide variety of medical professionals and students to introduce and inform their specific career choice/paths. “Even if you have the slightest interest in the medical field, I urge you to join MEDiC and learn more!”

Ms. Pesak currently works at a 7-Eleven in Huntington Beach, where she gets to enjoy the view everyday at work– a job she describes as having “gone horribly right!” Cooking hot dogs and brewing coffee sound fun, but her favorite job is definitely being an AVID tutor.

The decision to be an AVID tutor was a practical one; it was near home, and as a commuter, it was super convenient to work around her work and class schedule. What she loves most about being an AVID tutor is when the students get a “light bulb” moment. “It’s a wonderful experience knowing that I even had a miniscule part in helping the students succeed. I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” she says. AVID student, Ellen Bui (12) expresses. “More than just a tutor, Mrs. Pesak is an inspiration to her students. She inspires them to be as diligent and passionate as her.”  Mrs. Pesak has faith in all her students and is willing to help them whenever they need guidance.

One of her fond memories as an AVID tutor are the Saturday morning sessions at the Garden Grove Regional Library. Both AVID and non-AVID students gather at the Garden Grove Regional library, with pencils, books, and questions for science [such as Chemistry] and math. Daisy Guadarrama (12) saids, “Ms. Pesak is such a kind-hearted person, with a lot of patience. She does so much for us outside of school, without expecting anything in return.” With her handy whiteboard and markers, students would spend up to at least 7 tough hours studying for tests and exams, yet the laughs and lightbulb moments that were shared eliminated the pain and stress.