Missing in Action: Seniors, Where You At?

Out of 550 seniors, as many as 100 seniors do not take their senior portraits. While some don’t want to take them because of the cost, the inconvenience of driving to the studio, and getting ready many seniors regret not taking it. But the last chance they get to look decent, they blow it off. SENIORS, your time is running out. Our yearbooks are something to look back on 10 years from now, and this last yearbook picture is how you’ll live in the memories of your fellow classmates. Not only do we take our portraits for ourselves but for our family, our friends, and future generations. It’s not too late to join the Class of 2015 in living on as an Argo.

How much does it cost?

The basic cost is $35. If you wish to have the proofs mailed home, it’ll be an extra $25.

Can I change my yearbook pose once I have already chosen it?

If you decide to change your pose before October 15, just call the number 1 (800) 736-4775.

What happens if I do not choose a portrait by October 15?

Prestige Portraits will select one for you.

What happens if the portrait I choose does not meet the yearbook requirement?

Prestige Portraits will select another one for you.


October 15 is the final deadline, but it is advised to take it as soon as possible.