Memories Under the Sun

What’s one of your fav memories in the outdoors, under the sun?

As the weather begins to warm up again, it’s hard not to think of summer, and going on hikes, and picnicking on beaches, and just having a good time with friends and family. But summer is still 100 days away, so the least we can do now is relive those sunny days. What’s one of your favorites memories in the outdoors, under the sun?

Jeanne Ngo (11): My puppy running in the park.

Pauline Nguyen (12): Riding bikes, out at the park with my cousins.

John Medina (12): Being with my brothers and beating them at basketball.

Jessica Zamudio (12): Camping with my friends.

Anon (11): I drowned.

Danika Khong (11): Swimming with the fish in Hawaii!

Kaitlynn Do (11): Cliff diving in Vietnam!

Nicolette Janocha (11): Having a picnic with my boyfriend.

Jane Ho (11): Riding the ferris wheel with my significant other and gondola jumping to freak him out.

KN (11): Running on the beach with my pretend boyfriend like in the kdramas.

Kathleen Nguyen (11): Going to different beaches, tanning, swimming, and roasting BBQ.

Kathy Nguyen (11): Spending a quick thirty minutes on the Santa Cruz beach with my family on my 16th birthday.

Alison Hoang (11): My two friends and I had a bonfire for our birthday at the beach and all of our friends were there; probably one of the most memorable days of my life.

Alex Estrella (11): Simply just having an amazing time with my family.

Nathan Bonifacio (11): When there was a birthday at the beach, I was sitting near the bonfire when my socks caught on fire.

Ramsses Diaz (11): A favorite memory is walking on the streets with three of my friends and just wandering.

Wendy Diaz (11): Sitting on the shores of the beach in Manzanillo, Mexico, while drinking fresh coconut water.

Mariah Musni (11): When I went to Boracay, Philippines with my family while eating in different cuisine.

Brian Phan (11): Absorbing that vitamin D.

Alex Dao (11): I, once, walked outside.

Andrew Valdez (11): Sports.

Andrea Corrigan (11): Swimming in the ocean for three hours straight and getting out to eat a sandwich and then going right back in.

Mikel Soto (11): I was at a beach in Hawaii and had a tube and a wave flipped me.

Julie Nguyen (11): There was one time I was at the library and I almost fell in the pond because of an earthquake.

Derrick Tran (12): Hanging out with my homies.

John Medina (12): Being with my brothers and beating them at basketball.

Jake Barbers (12): Being able to play soccer with multiple friends.

Hang Ta (12): Going shopping and buying groceries with my mom.

Derice (i gotta check) (12): Walking around school and playing music.

Jason Brito (12): Going cliff jumping at Crystal Cove with my friends.

Brian Alvarado (11): Getting my helmet knocked off during football practice.

Blake Hesla (12): Getting tan because, you know, I’m white.

Jessica Vo (12): I like the beach.