MEDiC Club

BURRR!! Winter — aka flu season — is here, and that means stuffy noses and cold weather abound. Luckily for you, MEDiC Club can educate you about diseases and cures to help prevent future illnesses. MEDiC stands for Medical Exploration, Discovery, and Careers, and the club allows students to explore and learn about the medical field. MEDiC club focuses on teaching club members about different types of careers in the medical field and addressing the different aspects of diseases and mechanics used to treat them. MEDiC club is a club solely focused on a variety of jobs in the medical field. At meetings, members are given the chance to speak about certain topics or issues such as the organs of a body or what causes a runny nose. Additionally, MEDiC club gives back to the community by participating in volunteer events such as Autism Speaks.

Ms. Pesak was an alumni and founder of MEDiC club. She created the club in hopes of her peers and classmates finding an interest or passion for the medical field. Fast forward to today, she is now a student majoring in Biology at UCI and tutors for AVID students. Kathy Nguyen (11) is one of the co-presidents of the club and hopes to revive and spread awareness for the purpose of the club. “I’m grateful that she created such a unique and different club from the rest. This club is specific, yet ambiguous,” she says. At each meeting, members are given the chance to voice their interests about a specific career or subject. By engaging in group activities and discussions, students are able to broaden their horizons by learning about the many occupations in the medical field. Tam Nguyen (11) joined the club “because of the opportunity it gives me to possibly get a head start” in his career. He continues, “But in the end, I want to mostly help those who are looking for a club and just haven’t found it yet.”

As high schoolers, everyone is either set on their future or confused about which path to take after their high school years are over. MEDiC’s mission is to help students be open to endless possibilities, discover their future career, and obtain more knowledge about the wonderful world of the human body, wet boogers, and awful migraines.