“Love” Stories of Garden Grove

most romantic thingValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and many people have their nights booked. On this day reserved for love, nothing less than romance can be expected. From gooey to hopeless to lonely, everyone wants to know: what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Dailoc Tran (12): I once took a girl I liked out to eat pho, but I dropped her phone in the bowl. She never spoke to me again.

Talia Kieu (11): I made chocolate covered strawberries once and then I ate them because you can’t do the romancing with others unless you romance on yourself first.

Anaith Rivas (11): Once I gave a Valentine’s Day gram to just one boy in my class instead of giving one to the whole class, which was against the rules.

Danny Gang (12): The most romantic thing I ever did to my ex- girl-
friend was visit her with flowers, a recorded cd of a song I sang, and a love letter.

Nhu Nguyen (12): I always use one full page to write on in the year-
book of the guys that are/were special to me.

Andrew Phan (11): I kissed someone on the last day of school. It wasn’t a girl.

Julia Jimenez (12): I often take my blanket to the living room couch and watch funny movies while cuddling with it. We’re very in love.

Caitlin Nguyen (10): I went Christmas shopping for my boyfriend with my mom.

Brian Nguyen (12): I told my girlfriend my name was Kevin as a joke and she didn’t know my real name was Brian until like a month into the relationship.

Dillon Janocha (11): I went ice skating with my girlfriend on our first date, and the skates were cutting my ankles fairly bad, but I kept on skating for another two hours so I could keep holding her hand and talking to her! (I didn’t tell her they were hurting me otherwise she would’ve made me stop.). So when I got home I looked and I now have two scars in the exact same spot on both legs because of the ice skates. No one seems to think so, but I swear one of them is heart-shaped.

Mr. Yang: During basketball season..there’s not a lot of time for Mrs. Yang. So during basketball season, I’ll put a dollar away every time I feel like I’ve neglected her. And then I’ll buy her something nice or take her somewhere with the money I’ve saved after the season.

Franklin Tran (12): Every night before I go to sleep, I write about her-
when and how I thought of her throughout the day. I started this Janu-
ary 4th. I filled a 100 page noteback back to back.