Loud & Proud: Vy Nguyen (11)

Being openly gay isn’t an easy subject many can talk about, but it’s definitely a decision of confidence and self-love. Vy Nguyen (11), a self-taught artist and energetic Argo, is an embodiment of these values.

As an openly gay person,Vy never had a problem dealing with people who questioned her sexual orientation. Rather, she encourages it, because if it makes them feel better about themselves, then it’s okay. At the end of the day, their words don’t matter, and they won’t prevent her from embracing herself.

She shares that “being gay and being straight are the same; the only difference is the preference in who you like: boys, girls, or both.” It’s okay to express who you are because it may lead to a blissful life like her cousin.

Her cousin was living an unhappy life and kept bottling himself up. He couldn’t express who he truly was because he was afraid of how his parents would react to him being gay. With the help of Vy, he mustered up the courage to tell his parents, and it changed his life. She shares, “they were understanding of him, and he has become a happier version of himself.” Moments like this motivate Vy to further advocate LGBTQ rights because “the gay community deserves the same happiness everyone else has.”

She wishes to create a “charity promoting gay rights and gay marriage around the world because it needs global recognition.” Vy also wishes to promote gay rights within the school by parading around campus celebrating their cause and encouraging people still “in the closet” to express themselves because there is a loving community who is here for them. She wants fellow Argos to know she is there for them to talk, to cry, to smile, and to laugh with.


“It’s normal. Accept yourself, don’t reject yourself.”