Living the normal life: Makayla Finn (9)


Makayla sits in her classroom in complete silence, looking forward to the end of the day, where she can go home to her sewing machine and make her own clothes or play tennis. It was an outlet for her to escape. Makayla didn’t let Type 1 Diabetes define her. She had always taken delight in Tennis through her hobbies. Makayla states,“I thought it would be really fun to play. However, I never thought I would be able to play.”  


Besides school, her other priority is her health. Makayla has Type 1 Diabetes, therefore she is constantly checking her blood sugar levels and giving herself the correct dose of insulin that she needs before meals.


When Makayla was first diagnosed on October 17th, 2016, she felt different from the “normal” kids at her middle school. Over the summer, however, she attended a camp with kids just like her- Type 1 kids. Makayla states, “I’m glad that I attended this camp and created amazing friendships through this experience. I know that I am not alone and will have the help from my new friends, who are also struggling with the same problem.”


However, she knew it was good exercise for people who aren’t really active, so she decided to take up the sport. Playing tennis is beneficial for her because it helps to get her legs moving and blood flowing. “You move around, and it’s not only running.”


Aside from playing tennis, Makayla likes making clothes on [her] sewing machine. ”I made a hair tie once, but it got really dirty, so I’ll make another one soon.” Her biggest accomplishment was making a Steampunk Halloween costume from scratch. It was a Victorian skirt made from three and a half yards of fabric. She paired it with a black blouse and topped it off with some hair accessories.


Her dreams are far from small. She wants to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist to help kids overcome difficult stages in their lives. She plans to go to a community college for her basic credits and then to University of Irvine. “Everyone can follow their dreams if they put their all into it.” If that occupation just isn’t for her, Makayla would like to become a costume designer for Broadway, “I think it’s really creative to think of something then express it onto fabric. No one else has the same exact idea that’s in your head, so it’s unique.”