Leaving the Nest: Katie Pham (2014)

How was your last few days? How was the final goodbye? How were your parents/siblings? Who cried the most? How was the move in? How was your first day?

“My last few days at home were quite depressing. There were many goodbyes that week but the move honestly didn’t hit me till my last items were boxed. All my things were packed, and my room was cleared. It then visually hit me that I was leaving my family and the OC to a new home in Riverside. Since my school isn’t that far away from home, the final goodbye wasn’t that bad. However, my mom teared up a bit like any mom would but as for me, I was just too focused on settling in to get emotional. The moving-in process was a bit hectic, there were so many family members everywhere and everything was such a mess. However, after settling in now, the storm has calmed and I’ve finally got a place to call home within UCR.”