Last Minute College Application Help

lastminutecollegeappThe date is November 19. From your very first days in Kindergarten to the final days of senior year, this is the moment  you have been preparing for – whether you were aware of it or not. You have struggled through overwhelming amounts of homework, suffered through rigorous, draining AP and honor courses, sacrificed countless early-morning hours for community service. However, the most critical obstacle still lies ahead: the app. You may only have a little over a week to submit your final UC application, but so much can still be done to enhance both your app and your future.

*The Personal Statement is perhaps the make-it-or-break-it aspect of the application. It is the final section of the app,  the last thing that the Admissions Office will read, and your final impression on the school. Other students may have similar GPA’s, courses, and extra-curricular activities, but no other student will have the same personal statement. It may very well be the thing to swing their decision.

*Don’t think too much of the term “personal” and don’t be reluctant to share your essay.  The more feedback, the better!

*People tend to overlook the “Activities & Awards” section of the application. This section requires extreme attention to detail and is rather time-consuming. However, it can make a huge impact on the strength of your app. Keep in mind that the readers are looking for a sense of priority and commitment in your activities.

Ms. Dawson, our extremely helpful college adviser, is continuing to hold college workshops in the LMC during lunch and after school. She elaborates on the importance of seeking application assistance and offers additional tips.

1. What is the purpose of these college workshops?

I am giving our seniors an opportunity to work on their college applications by hosting Knuckle Down November workshops on campus. I know that students have many responsibilities outside of school, so offering work time during the school day can be a big help. Students can work with their friends and I am available to answer any of their questions regarding their applications. I decided to offer the workshops during lunch and after school in order to accommodate the varying schedules that students may have. Take advantage of the workshops while you have the chance! Our last day of school is Friday, November 21st!

2. What aspects of the application are you focusing on and what specifically are you aiming to help students with?

Every student works at his/her own pace. With that said, I assist students whenever they are unsure about a particular section. Some have questions regarding their courses while others have concerns regarding their household information and fee waivers. Every situation is different and I am able to accommodate the needs of each student.

3. What is the most important thing students should know when it comes to college apps?

Every year the UC and CSU application platforms crash the night before apps are due. This is due to the large number of students who are trying to apply before the deadline. There have been instances where students were unable to submit their apps to their schools because they waited until the last minute–literally. Do not let this happen to you.

4. What can students get out of these workshops that they can’t get anywhere else?

If students come to the workshops, I will be able to answer questions that their parents or teachers may not be able to. If students have any questions over break, I will be available by email November 24th, 25th, and 26th. Feel free to contact me at .

5. Any additional tips you have for students?

In order to avoid the anxiety of procrastination, take advantage of the Knuckle Down workshops. It is always a great idea to have another teacher read your essay. I also strongly suggest that students submit their applications by Thanksgiving day.