King of the Courts: Alumni Don Le

A graduate of the Class of 2013, Don Le, had started his college life at Cal State University of Fullerton. Not satisfied, there he moved to a community college, but later realized that the college wasn’t for him and moved to Cal State University of Long Beach, his current college. When he entered the grounds of CSULB, he knew that this was the college experience he needed to pursue his future career.


While attending GGHS, he was involved in Key Club, UNICEF, and the Future Business Leaders of America club. His passion for tennis eventually led Don to become an extraordinary captain for his team as a senior. Joining tennis and participating in these clubs helped Don learn life skills that taught him what it really takes to be a successful leader. Responsibility, leadership, helping to set goals, and managing time were difficult for him but, acquiring these skills was the important first step to becoming a coach for the future generations of Argo tennis players.


His family played a big role in inspiring him to begin playing tennis. “Tennis runs in my family. My father plays every weekend and brother played on the Varsity team when he went to Grove. It was only natural that I picked up a racket and started to play myself.” Don says. At the start, he had no idea that joining tennis would be such a key decision in shaping the rest of his life. His love for tennis and his leadership abilities soon helped him as the new JV coach of GGHS’s tennis teams. Here he says, “I loved the tennis program at Grove so much to the point that I wanted to give back to it. At the same time, I wanted to teach kids the fundamentals of the sport and show them how fun tennis really is.” Of course, there was a mentor behind all of his inspiration, Coach Lou. “Coach Lou has made a huge impact on me, both on the court as well as in my personal life off the court. He inspired me to become a coach so that I could also make an impact on other people’s lives,” says Don.

Even as a coach, there are always new experiences to learn, on and off of the courts. “I learn something new everyday as a coach. I always start off a new season with a different coaching philosophy and perspective dictated by what I learned from coaching the previous season. I’m always eager to learn new things, especially since I’m new to coaching.” There were many moments where having good-natured banters and seeing the team enjoy tennis create fun and exciting memories for him as a coach. Continuing as a coach, Don hopes to learn and contribute as much value as he could to help the next generation of tennis players at GGHS. Not only will he teach his new teams the fundamentals of tennis, but he can learn a couple of new things for himself.