Key Club Holds the Key to Opportunities!

Key Club is an international student-led organization that helps the community through all different types of volunteer events. Key Club is a high school branch off of Kiwanis, a global volunteer organization. There are many other branches off of Kiwanis, such as KIWIN’S, a sister branch of Key Club. Circle K International is a university branch, Builders Club is an intermediate school branch, Kiwanis Kids is an elementary branch, and Aktion Club is a branch for adults with disabilities. All these branches’ main goal in volunteering is to help children.

kc-rose-floatKey Club holds many fundraisers for their two main charities, PTP and Project Eliminate. PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program) provides funding and raises awareness prevent trauma-related deaths in children. This is the leading cause of death for kids 14 and under. Key Club partnered up with UNICEF to fund and raise awareness for Project Eliminate, which targets to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. The four core values of the organization are leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness. Their motto is “Caring- Our way of life.” This promotes the members’ good attitudes!

There are 5,000+ clubs, 1500+ divisions, 34 districts, and a 13 person international board. There are Key Clubs all over the world in 35 countries. Our GGHS Key Club is part of Division 04 North,which is part of Cali-Nev-Ha Bees District, which is based in California, Nevada, and Hawaii, and all a part of Key Club International. Our division’s mascot are the otters, representing the color teal. GGHSKC does all types of volunteer events, from helping out at marathons to working at food banks. Natalie Luu (10) says, “Key Club has been incorporated into my life. I can’t imagine my life without it. I have a great time helping others with my friends.”

Key Club’s biggest fundraiser for PTP is their annual Fall Rally. There are two Fall Rallies in California, akc-otter-pic northern and southern one. GGHSKC goes to Fall Rally South, spending a whole day at Six Flags Magic Mountain! At Six Flags, each division competes in spirit battles with one another for the spirit stick! The spirit stick is given to the division that that the most spirit and best attitudes. To win the spirit competition, each division must chant a new cheer as they move up each round. In the end, only one division wins the spirit stick in each spirit session. Tina Tran (10) shares, “My favorite memory is seeing everyone cheer with so much passion and spirit at the spirit session.” Also at the spirit session, each division is congratulated for all the fundraising that they did for PTP. The division with the most gets to choose which charity the money goes to! Hillary Tran (10) expresses, “I had a great time last year at FRS, I was able to meet tons of new people from many different divisions as well as bond with those in my own!”

Although Key Club may sound a little overwhelming due to its internationality, all the members are happy to make you feel welcome! Just by joining the club, you can get to know people from around the division, district, and possibly even from international districts. Regretting not joining Key Club this year? Don’t worry! They will hold another recruitment drive towards the middle of the school year, so make sure to keep your eyes out for upcoming key club opportunities!