Just Keep Swimming

It’s been a busy two weeks — the Argos dove into competitions against Los Amigos, the many competitors of the Savanna Invitationals, and finally against Santiago. The Los Amigos boys won both levels of the meet, but the JV and Varsity GGHS girls took home the win. At the Savanna Invitational, the Argos went up against fourteen other schools from around Orange County. Despite the fierce competition, the girls secured fifth place and the boys pulled through with eighth. During their next League meet on the 22nd, the team triumphed over Santiago in all levels — their first complete win so far this season.

“I personally think the last meets went really well,” says Naomi Devine (10), a member of the JV team. “My team didn’t put anyone down if they lost. Instead, they cheered them on and gave them hope for next time, even during practices.”

“All of these other meets are like practices,” says Coach Henninger. Not only do they give the team the perfect opportunity to keep their skills sharp, these meets and invitationals ultimately prepare the team for the real deal at the end of April: League Championships. After both the boys and girls came out on top last year, the Argos are determined to keep up their winning streak. Good luck, Argos!