Juju on that Beat: Aryan Moore (11)

“One, two, three…BOOM KA KA POW PA!”

These are the excruciating and dreadful words alerting dancers to go “full out” with the choreography, aware that the long hours will be spent perfecting the moves. There are many genres of dance and each with a different style to express your individuality. Aryan Moore, a junior at GGHS, has been dancing at the young age of 8 to different genres from contemporary to hip hop. She was always inspired and swayed by music and could never resist dancing to the sound of a beat. Dancing allowed Aryan to express her emotions and thoughts in a way that words can’t. Cheerleading introduced Aryan to the world of dance. It’s a sport that includes body movements and intensive choreography. Until she was twelve, Aryan primarily danced for fun. It became her lifestyle. Aryan’s goal is to captivate the audience and give off a unique and distinct aura during her performances.

 Aryan simply states, “dance is how I live and breathe.” She has been dancing in Class of 2018 consecutively since freshmen year. Class is an extracurricular club in which students of the graduating class perform various dances according to the given theme.During her sophomore year, Aryan joined a project called Mokita. Mokita is a term that means “a truth that nobody talks about.” Pierre Pereyra, an alumni of Class of 2016, describes,” As a performer, my parents never really supported me in my hobby. I found inspiration because I hid my secret of performing from my parents and it’s the truth most of us deal and share with.” He adds,” I remember meeting her when I was a junior choreographing for her class. I knew she had a talent in dancing. It was a pleasure teaching Aryan and having her on the team.”

Dancing allowed Aryan to find confidence to pursue dancing as a future career. Fast forward to junior year and Aryan has already taken baby steps towards achieving her dream. She is now a choreographer herself, teaching, and helping underclassmen to be inspired by the beauty of dance. Who knows, she might be dancing on the same stage as Beyonce one day.