Join the fight against cancer with GGHS ACS!

ACS spreads awareness and raises funds for cancer in efforts to find a cure. They bring in groups of friends to volunteer together at events. The events that they do spread awareness of cancer while interacting with members and officers. Their main focus this year is breast cancer. Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and they encouraged the students to post pictures on social media of them wearing pink and tagging the photo, #ACS. Pink represents breast cancer and they did this to spread awareness for it.

Some benefits of being in the club are interacting with great people, and fighting for cures to cancer! Over the years, the club has gained many more members and attendees at their events. Relay For Life was the first and biggest event for ACS this year. It required a lot of preparation. They had other clubs such as Key Club and WHS Girls’ League volunteer under their team. Michael Than (12) says “We fund-raised over $600 by having a skate night, receiving donations for baked goods and hot dogs at the event, and selling bracelets.” At the event, ACS participated in Mrs. Relay, where guys put on dresses, make-up, and had a beauty pageant! They also did box racing, and of course, the actual relay. This event helped jump start the involvements of members and also get people a taste for what ACS is really about. Relay For Life is an event held every summer and GGHS ACS participates in it every year.

ACS gives its members a cause to fight for, and encourages fundraising for cancer. Keep an eye out for ACS growing bigger as a club with their spirit and hearts!

Co-President: Julie Trinh (12)

Co-President: Marissa Garcia (12)

Secretary: Amy Ho (12)

Treasurer: Hang Mai (12)

Project Chair: Michael Than (12)

Publicity: Dan Vy (12)

ICC Rep: Dilyn  Nguyen (12)