Jimmy Lee (11): Pieces of the Puzzle

“Growing up I never really found the puzzle that I was a piece of. There was never a time where I could really say I felt accepted or a part of the grander scheme of things; I was always afloat, aimlessly wandering throughout the labyrinth of life and wondering exactly, where do I belong?

And, to that, I really don’t have anything to say. Still, to this day, I’ve never really found out the reason why I’m still here.

But I’ve come to the realization that whether it be due to the cosmos, or whatever you want to believe in, that everything works out for a reason.

It might just be one day glancing over your shoulder and seeing someone glance right back, it might just be one day walking to your class and recognizing that new student as someone you just so happen to have known way back when or, it could just be a simple “hey” in the hallways between 2nd and 3rd period. Whatever it is, it happens for a reason.

In my particular case, it was two years ago. And it all started with a really nervous and pretty awkward “do you need help with that?”

That was the stepping stone into a belated journey of finding out who I was, why I’m here and what the hell love is. I’ve realized now that the challenge of bettering yourself stems from not loving enough, and the only practice for loving yourself comes through loving others. I’ve realized now that the journey to find yourself is the journey to find the other half of you.

Love is peculiar. It’s never a one way street where the stop signs tell you to stop, and the turn signals tell you to turn and the lights tell you when to slow down. Love is realizing that the tango requires coordination, where one person steps forward while the other steps back and when the music stops, they all stop. Love is realizing that the play the Drama team puts on is not only a collective effort, but an effort with many trials and errors. There’s always a “behind the scenes” to the finished act, and both you and your significant other are the directors of a long, worthwhile production. Love is peculiar.

Of course, love is tough, too. It’ll beat you, hurt you and leave you wondering what the hell you just went through.

But at the end of the day, you’ll tell yourself that it was all for the better, that the days and weeks of asking yourself what the hell you’re doing were all worth it.

I haven’t really found myself yet, I’m still just another kid in high school that’s figuring his life out. There’s plenty of me, and there’s plenty more of me to come.

But, the one place that I’ve managed to find myself belonging is with you. We’re like two corner puzzle pieces that managed to find themselves interlocked in a relationship of backwards and forwards. We’re like two stars that were destined to collide, and whether the cosmos wills it or not, are interlocked in an orbit that’ll leave a rippling effect across the universe, yours and mine.

In the end, we’re two lovebirds that’re trying to find our way through the canopies. And as I fly from branch to branch to find my way to the top, I’ll trust that you’ll be flying right next to my side, singing the same song that I sing. “