Jenna’s Journals: On the Topic of Procrastination

On the topic of procrastination-


DISCLAIMER: I may have put this article off until the last minute, hence the idea of making an article about procrastination.


It’s Monday after school. You sit at your kitchen table eating something weird like a warm bowl of cereal or the leftovers your sister brought home 3 hours ago (which your sister need not know about). Several things then cross your mind:

  1. Was there homework?
  2. What am I going to eat for dinner?
  3. Is there a test tomorrow?
  4. a) What would it be like if I was a cat?
  1. b) What does cat food taste like?
  2. Was there homework?


Unless you are the model student I aspire to be, a couple or all of these questions should be floating around in that head of yours. Of course, as you were thinking about all of the things you should be doing — time has continued to tick. It is now 6 o’clock and you still don’t know what to eat for dinner. The only thing you’ve done was mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed and liking every other picture, and occasionally stopping once or twice when you recognize someone you know, or don’t like, and you’re using your two little fingers to zoom in…

DINNER. After eating and getting ready for bed, you lay there and feel as though you are missing something… Like maybe something really needed to be done, like something super important, like something that’s probably worth 100 points, but it escapes your train of thought *POOF*, and we’re back to square one.

As the first question from your previous thoughts bump to the main screen of your attention– with little urgency– you decide that you’ll wake up super early and finish it. Even better, those 7 full minutes of passing period will be just enough for you to finish that paragraph due in 2nd period.

However, when passing period is over and you’re sitting at your seat methodically predicting that it’ll take the teacher approximately 2.7 minutes to stamp everyone else’s assignment before she gets to you; I present to you the phrase of the minute, “game on.”

Procrastination is an art, really. It’s basically chugging a week’s worth of homework and a house coffee at the same time. It’s using the term “down” as many times as you possibly can before your grade gets “down” to a C. Procrastination isn’t for everyone / shouldn’t be, but one day, when you’re tweeting about how you wished you had time to do other things besides homework, you’ll realize that hey, maybe you shouldn’t procrastinate. But of course, we’ll put that off for tomorrow.

On the real, if you think it’s working out now, good for you. If you think that keeping this bad habit up is going to stay like this, I wish you the best of luck. Statistically, it takes at least 28 days to break a habit. If you’ve been practicing this for your entire educational career, the process may take longer, so with the words of wisdom that I am permitted to offer: PLEASE, JUST DO IT.


You’re Welcome,

Jenna Nguyen