Humble Otters Take Home the Spirit Stick

“Otters lookin’ up, feelin’ woke, yeah we’re never resting…” Key Club’s Division 04 North has taken home the spirit stick at Fall Rally South 2017 on November 11th! Fall Rally is a whole day of spirit and fun at Six Flags Magic Mountain and is the biggest fundraiser for Pediatric Trauma Program. It is the leading cause of death and trauma for children 14 and under. The organization strives to raise funds to do research to help these kids. Our division raised over $3000 for the charity. With the money the divisions raised for PTP, they “auction” to spend time with an Lieutenant Governor. Following the auctions, the spirit battle of the session begins. There are a total of 3 rounds and in each round, a division must recite a cheer that they’ve prepared.

Division 04 North’s mascot is the otter and their color is teal. At Fall Rally, Otters deck out in teal and show their spirit. Last year, D04N placed second in the spirit session and this year they were hoping to take it a step further and place first. They did have an advantage of having one of the most members attending, but that does not guarantee anything. There are specific rules: no cell phone usage, no stomping on bleachers, be respectful, and everyone must participate fully.

D04N cheered with all their might and was able to advance the first round with their cheer, ”Woke Up at Fall Rally” and then second round with “Humble Otters”– this cheer ended off with their signature chant, “Teal Machine.” In the final round, there were D04N Otters, D30S Suns, and D36E Sky Bisons. It was close, but the Otters took home the spirit stick with the cheer, “Hey Otters’’. Although the spirit stick might not look like much, winning it was a huge accomplishment. Hillary Tran, president of Garden Grove Key Club, (11) comments, “It was a huge milestone in my Key Club journey! Ever since I was a freshman, I’ve always wanted to win the spirit stick and I felt this year the division as a whole really came through.”

After the spirit session, Key Clubbers were free to do whatever they want until the day ended. They took the chance to ride the famous roller coasters at the park. Six Flags was full of all different colors as other key clubbers dressed up as their mascot. The classic “How do you feel” cheer echoed throughout the park with spirit battles seen left and right. Clark Venadas (9) recalls, “The thing I liked the most was spending time with members in my group, whether I knew them well or not– and also meeting new people there was cool too!” Fall Rally is a chance for someone to get out of their comfort zone and cheer their heart out on rides and spirit battles! Natalie Luu (11) tells us, “I love that Garden Grove Key Club cheered throughout ALL of Fall Rally and took part in spirit battling other divisions. One memorable experience I had was walking back to the busses to go back home and cheering at the top of my lungs with the others.”

Congratulations to Division 04 North for winning the spirit stick! Fall Rally 2017 is one for the books and members are suffering from post Fall Rally depression as they’re counting down the days to Fall Rally 2018.