How to Go Green – and Why

If there’s one thing that all the green on St. Patrick’s Day should remind you of (other than, of course, St. Patrick himself, and Irish leprechauns), it should be the efforts to Go Green. You’ve learned all about the slow and inevitable decay of our planet in biology already, and unfortunately, the situation hasn’t gotten much better since then. The Go Green initiative continues to combat the negative effects that overflowing landfills, habitat destruction, and overexploitation of nonrenewable resources have on the environment. Join Argolog as we pursue a greener and cleaner lifestyle for all the right reasons.

  • Turn off electronics when you’re not using them:
      1. Turning off electronics when they aren’t in use is important for a variety of reasons: first of all, it conserves valuable energy and electricity, and it also makes it harder for the aliens to tap into your electronic devices and use them to track your location. The extraterrestrials hovering above us feed off of and exploit this energy. Do not aid them. We repeat, do not aid them in our own destruction.
  • Travel in the greenest way possible:
      1. Reduce carbon fuels and their harmful effect on the environment by biking or walking more often, or better yet, investing in a pair of Heelys and rolling to your destinations. Roll right past the haters and the environment destroyers and take pride in your role as an environmental champion.
  • Save paper/recycle:
      1. You can help environmental efforts by recycling old papers instead of throwing them away, so that they will be reused rather than sit in a landfill. Instead of throwing your annual AP notes burning bonfire, recycle your papers instead.
  • Combat global warming:
      1. How, specifically? We don’t know. We’re not military strategists. But do you really want the titan woman who sleeps beneath the earth’s crust to break through, turn up the heat of the sun, and melt all the icebergs? We didn’t think so.
  • Wear green:
    1. If you aren’t in a position to actually do anything worthwhile to help the environment, then the least you can do is wear some green. It helps the plants feel more accepted.

DISCLAIMER: Leading a greener lifestyle isn’t hard to do once you know where to start, and we encourage to do what you can to help our planet. Numbers 1-4, although presented jokingly, are valid and important ways to help the environment — research them some more on your own or ask Environmental Club what you can do to help save our planet and make a difference. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!