How to Ask Someone Out

The romance dance is a year-round game, but there’s no better time to enter the field than the month of love. The best way how, exactly, remains up for debate. Seriously. We don’t know. What’s the best way to ask someone out? There’s no concrete answer, so instead, we gathered many from your fellow Argos-turned-love gurus. Good luck, Argos, and take all this advice to heart! (Or don’t. Success not guaranteed.)


Dominic Nguyen (11): The best way to ask someone out is obviously in person but you literally tell them to “cash me outside how bow dat.”

Jefferson Nguyen (11): Hi my name’s Jeff! Let’s start a streak!

Susan Mendez (11): Saying the sweetest things and giving them flowers and a stuffed animal in front of his and hers friends (‘:

Caitlin To (9): The best way to ask someone out is to walk by your crush, hold limes, drop the limes in front of them,  then pick it up and say, “Sorry, i’m bad at pickup limes.”If they laugh, ask them out. If they give you a weird look, run.

Matthew Nguyen (9): Straight up to them, just go up to them and ask them out.The worst they can say is no.

Andrew Truong (11): The best way to ask someone out is without confidence. Assert dominance over your prey LOL. “You me dinner on Friday, I’ll pick you up at 8” that kind of thing xD

Jared Powers (11): With an Argolog Valentine gram.

Tony Dinh (11): With an ASB poster.

Dariana M (11): Just ask them out!

Pauline Nguyen (11): Just don’t.

Kimberly Nguyen (11): In person.

Joseph Luong (11): Invite her over to your house and watch a cute movie like “The Grudge” and when she starts screaming, just kiss her and ask her out.

Triet N. (12): Ask her when you two are alone together and in a good mood.

Allyza Cadiz (11): Surprise them with something cute.

Jill Trang (11): First, you throw a lot of flower petals. Then, start popping poppers. Lastly, shout “Will you go on a date with me?!” Afterwards, if it’s a success, grab their hand and run off.

Danika Khong (11): Make sure they’re a bit interested first. Then, honestly, just go for it. Don’t be too cheesy, don’t be too not cheesy!

Kaitlynn Do (11): The best way to ask someone out is with a lame, cheesy pickup line.

Tiffany Nguyen (9): With a hug!!

Sierra Cosgrove (9): Ask them directly.

John Medina (12): By getting a poster with roses and then asking the person like that.

Miguel Encar (12): Make sure they like you back. If you know they like you, then whatever you do, they will say yes.

Tommy Tran (12): You like what you see? 😉

Gunny Singh (12): I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together!

Mikayla Winfery (12): Talk to them, and take it to the next level once you’re besties.

Blake R. (12): Offer to take them out to something they enjoy and get to know them better.

Bryant Laquindanum (11): The best way is to be super extra and buy her a dog lowkey… but chocolate, flowers, and a sign is good too.

Alison Hoang (11): Why even ask them out? Just get down on one knee and go for it; it’s 2017, YOLO.

Nathan Bonifacio (11): Chicken nuggets with some sweet and sour.

Brian Puan (11): Over text because hit me up single shawtys!

Kiet Nguyen (11): Over text over Snapchat so no one sees.

Alex Estrella (11): Disneyland.

Jose Ruiz (11): You just have to be straight out. Don’t be ashamed to buy her some roses, take her somewhere private and say how you feel. Then ask her out.

Duy Huynh (11): Be direct and straightforward.

Angel Nguyen (11): Give them 50 boxes of chicken nuggets yum.

Anonymous (11): Don’t ask me out unless you’re Will Smith or you’re not too cheesy.

Cinderella: Pull out your guitar and sing them a song.

Alan Vu (11):  Get a bag of limes, wait for your crush to walk by, drop the limes and when you try to pick them up, keep dropping them. Then say “Sorry I’m bad at picking up limes.”