What Horror Movie Would You Be In?

If you were to be in a horror movie, which one would it be and why?

Grab some popcorn, candy, snacks, and a blanket for a spook-tastic movie night! Now that you have the treats sorted out, it’s time to settle on the horror movie that will definitely get your adrenaline rushing! The movie just ended and it’s time for bed. The lights are out, but you find yourself twisting and turning in bed– the nightmares are coming.  In your nightmare, Freddy Krueger starts chasing you down Elm Street with his frightening claws! From the classic Dracula horror films to the modern renditions of It, Frankenstein, and  Goosebumps, what horror movie would you like to be in?

Jennifer Huynh (12): I would be in the horror movie where I don’t die!

Jessica Lindsay (12): I would be in The Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s not scary.

Mikel Soto (12): I would be in The Conjuring because why not?

Jennifer Dang (12): I would be in Pretty Little Liars because it’s really scary.

Alma Contreras (12): I would be in Scary Movie 3 because the aliens are lit.

Howi Correa (12): I would like to be in The Conjuring.

Riley F. (12): I would be in American Assassin because I love who and how the main character acts.

Linda Garcia (12): I would be in Nightmare on Elm Street because I love how everything looks fake.

Long Nguyen (12): I would be in The Goosebumps movie, cause spooky.

Kelly Chau (12): I would be in Scary Movie because they never die.

Tanya Nguyen (12): I would be in The Purge cause I can do whatever I want and hide and be a rebel.

Andrea Corrigan (12): I would want to be in Scary Movie 2 because they never die.

Martin Nguyen (10): I would be in It because I want to see a real killer clown.

Edouard Phan (11): I would be in any of the Saw movies because I want to try surviving some of the Jigsaw’s traps.

David Vu (11): I would want to be in Jigsaw because although it is scary, I’d like to test my luck and I enjoy solving puzzles or mysteries.

Stella Pham (11): If I was in a horror movie, I would be the one that actually calls the police, I mean like, why don’t they do that?

Vivian Tran (11): If I were to be in a horror movie, it would be Annabelle. Who doesn’t like creepy dolls?

Thomas Vu (11): If I were to be in a horror movie, it would be It  because it’s the only one I’ve watched!

Donna Nguyen (11): Happy Death Day, so I can die multiple times. Also it would be interesting to find out who your real killer is.

Kayla Ruvalcaba (11): Saw because i would want to figure out a way to get out of the room and the person behind all of it.

Han Nguyen (11): I would be in Get Out because I want to be hypnotized by a tea cup and spoon.

Vy Nguyen (11): The original It, so I can kill that clown myself.

Nghiem Pham (11): High school. It’s horrifying, but at least I’m used to it.

Tiffany Nguyen (11): None because they are all dumb and people die in the end.

John Nguyen (11): Sweet Home because I like the story.

Kristine Tran (11): None because I don’t want to deal with that one person who trips when the ghost or the monster is coming after us.

Angie Tran (12): I’d be in none because I don’t know horror movies.

Keri Tate (12): Carrie because she already has my name and I want telekinesis.

Gina Shin (11): I would probably have to choose Annabelle: Creation because I really like the storyline and it’s just really creepy.

Martin Tran (12): I would be in the movie Happy Death Day because I would like to experience a deja vu.

Anna Le (11):  I guess Human Centipede because I’m only used for my body.

Tiffany Nguyen (10): The one with AP classes —  oh wait I’m already in it.

Minh Nhu (11): Rocky Horror Show. Love that flair.

Vicky Hoang (10): The Exorcist.

Natalie Nguyen (10): I’m not a big fan of horror movies, so I would not know.

Tiffany Chau (11): Insidious because I would be able to go through my dreams and understand how I would never escape fantasy.

Khang Nguyen (10): It because Pennywise can make you float.

Anthony Madrigal (11): A Nightmare on Elm Street because Freddy Krueger is awesome.

Brenda Salas (11): Chucky because that way I can run away from the doll trying to kill me, it’s little legs shouldn’t be able to outrun mine.

Jonathan Guzmán (11): It because I want to be Pennywise and be the one to scare the children.

Hernan Anastacio (12): Chucky so I can kill him.

Jorge Anastacio (10): Saw because watching people who deserve to die is satisfying.

Nakiya Steele (11): Saw because I can get out of situations by using my head.

Evelyn Diaz (11): It so I can KILL THE FREAKIN’ CLOWN!!

Samantha Gonzalez (11): The Purge so I can kill all my haters.

Andrew Nguyen (10): None because everyone dies in the end and I don’t want to die.

Galilea Mora (12): The Shining because I would love to see the gush of blood coming out of the elevator.

Bella Pham (11): I hate horror movies so I’d pick Happy Death Day. It’s really easy to figure out which of your friends is the murderer if you don’t have any.

Michael Nguyen (11): Cabin in the Woods because everyone dies and same.

Ryan Vu (11): It because I can hella wrestle a clown with no dentist.

Steven Vu (11): Human Centipede because I would never be lonely.

Kiet N. (12): Insidious because it’s an adventure.

John Nguyen (11): It because Pennywise is so freaking cute and he can dance.

Samantha Tran (11): I would be in It because Pennywise is actually kind of funny and not THAT scary.

Valerie Tran (11): It since I already look like the clown in real life.

Britney Tran (11): Chuckee because I think I can actually take on the stupid doll.

Josh Alvarez (12): I would be in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode where they go into the haunted hotel room because I would want to visit that room myself with the twins!

Cristina Arellano (12): If I were in a horro movie it would be Exorism of Emily Rose because I would like to watch and experience a real life exorcism,

Kaitlyn Prickett (11): I would be in the Shawn of the Dead because I make fun of horror movies.

Kaylee Bravo (12): I would be in any horror movies about ghost and paranormal activities! I want to expereince a weird phenomenenon and I truly believe in those theories!

Natalie Luu (11): Jaws because sharks are cool.

Kayla Luong (12): I don’t watch horror movies but I mean I’m already living in one if that counts.


Ailini Hutchinson (12): I want to be in “Child’s Play” so I can show everyone how to handle Chucky and punt that lil guy like a football.

Anh Lam (12): Annabelle because I can be a scary doll but at least with makeup.