Halloween Costume Survey

If you were to be stuck in your Halloween costume forever, what would you be?

Intro: Halloween is creeping up and costumes are getting freaky– But what if these costumes were to be magically congealed to your body for eternity. You have options from being a cool ghost to a funny banana, but would you regret it? If you were to be stuck in your Halloween costume forever, what would you be? The choice is yours.

Kassandra Ibarra (12): A Kassandra with whiskers and cat ears on.

Erendira Godinez (12): A ghost because I’m already invisible, so why not look the part?

Kayla Luong (12): A banana. I’ve always wanted a banana costume.

Kyle Nguyen (12): A sexy nurse.

Andrew Pham (12): A dino.

Keri Tate (12): A witch.

Mindy Phan (12): A corgi.

Cynthia Ho (12): A floating cloud of cotton candy.

Kelvin Nguyen (10): I would be a fast food worker so I get free food all the time.

Nancy Le (10): I would be a ghost because I’ll be invisible.

Tina Tran (11): I would be Miss Universe because I’d look pretty forever.

Mindy Nguyen (10): I’d be a ghost so I can scare Tin Ma all day.

Thi Dam (10): Dinosaur. I love dinosaurs.

Tam Nguyen (11): I would be a dinosaur so I could, for once, intimidate people.

Danny Le (10): A power ranger.

Meika Nguyen (10): Sitch. I love stitch. I’m Stitch this year.

Chi Vu (10): Kevin Hart.

Thanh Nguyen (11): I would be a banana because I’m appeeling.

Matthew Nguyen (10): Time traveler so I can change all the mistakes I’ve made.

Eric Le (11): I want to be a 5 year old kid FOREVER!

Andrew Tran (11): A colonial.

Darlene Sanchez (11): A rich person.

Citlaly Pedraza (9): A dog.

Kellie Bendezu (11): A hot dog because it would be a good start to a conversation.

Jonathan Guzmán (11): I would dress up as Jonathan Guzmán.

Diana Vo (10): I would dress up as a Taco Bell worker.

Nancy Kha (11): I would dress up as pepe.

Miguel Villicano (11): Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sofia Gaviola (10): Lilo from Lilo and Stitch because people think I look like her.

Karen Nguyen (10): I would be the Stitch to Sofia’s Lilo.

Chloe Tran(10): I would be a watermelon so that whenever I look into my mirror, I would say, “I look fresh.”

Caitlin To(10): A gay superhero.

Xavious Leal(11): Scout’s Ham costume from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Edouard Phan(11): Cartman  from South Park.

Christine Vu(10): I would be a carpet. People already walk over me anyway.

Christina Nhan(10): I would be a lamp because I want to brighten up everyone’s day.

Trinity Jones(11): I would be a tissue to blow people away.

Kaitlyn Prickett (11): I would be Joe Cool (Snoopy) because who doesn’t love him?

Pursley Miranda (11): Hulk Hogan because I love WWE!

Thomas Vu (11): I would be a dog because you are what you eat.

Sebastian Castro (11): I would be me because I ain’t no kid wearing a costume.

Martin Nguyen (10): I would be a doctor so that I look smart.

Natalie Luu (11): Mermaid.

Tiffany Bui (11): A corpse.

Annie Ho (11): Annie Ho. I’m super scary.

Timothy Pham (11): Teletubbies.

Michael Nguyen (11): 89.

Wendy Mejia (11): A unicorn!

Jill Trang (12): A ninja!

Henry Tran (12): A maid.

Bella Pham (11): I imagine that life as a stock image would be entertaining.

Yen Phan (11): An anime costume probably, I like to look fancy.

Stella Pham (11): I would be Stan Pines (Gravity Falls) so I could take my way through life.

Sandra Ninh (11): I would be an anime character because anime is life.

Sonnianne Pham (11): A chicken nugget.

Jennifer Huynh (12): An avocado.

Mikel Soto (12): A woman.

Howi Correa (12): A bananananana.

Jennifer Dang (12): A sock.

Andrea Gonzales (12): A fairy princess.

Jessie Lindsay (12): Kimberly the pink Power Ranger.

Long Nguyen (12): A cat onesie.

Kelly Chau (12): A chicken tender.

Juliana Daravong (11): Wonder Woman.

Chris Disler (9): Go Diego Go costume .

Abigael de Jong (9): Totoro Onesie.

Christina (10): I would be stuck in a onesie because they are both cute and comfortable.

Britney Hoang (9): I would be stuck in a dinosaur onesie .

Lily Doan (10): Mario Costume.

Aaron Tran (10): Oversized animal onesize because they are convenient and comfortable.

Miana Nguyen (12): I would be Moana because she’s a princess.

Emily Rodriguez (11): I would be a ghost, that way nobody could see me.

Cristina Arellano (12): I would be stuck in a Rizzo costume from the Pink Ladies.

Natalie Luu (11): A mermaid costume.

Hulbert Dang (10): I’d be a superhero because I like to help people.

Linda Vo (12): I would choose any onesie costume because I’d be comfortable forever.

Dominic Nguyen (12): I would be stuck in a spiderman costume.

Alan Vu (12): I would be one of the aliens from Ben 10 like Humungousaur.

Andrew Nguyen (12): I would be Caillou, so I don’t have to do my hair every morning.

Tina Tran (11): I would be Miss Universe because I can be pretty all the time.

Tung Nguyen (12): I would be a clown so I can live the rest of my life as a joke.

Michelle Huynh (12): I would be a dragon because I am feisty.

David Vu (11): I would be in a dinosaur onesie because it’s comfortable.

Kim Nguyen (12): If I were stuck in a Halloween costume for the rest of my life, I’d be Eggsy from Kingsman.

Jayden Tran (9): Jake from State Farm.

Jason Tran(10): A hot pink morph suit.

Justin Nguyen (10): I would want to be a basketball player so I’ll always be prepared to ball up if I have to.

Brady Cho(10): A zombie because I’m dead inside.

Anthony Tran(10): Avatar Aang, the last airbender.

Celeste Nguyen(10): A banana.

Jenny Pham (10): A dinosaur.

Katherine Huynh (10): Kobe Bryant.

John Nguyen (10): James Bond because I’d always look dashing.

Benson To(10): A dog just because.

Michelle Tran(10): A frog.

Katherine Vu(10): A seahorse.

Christina Nhan (10): A snake.