GSA: A Community With Open Arms

GSA is a student run club which stands for Gay Straight Alliance. Whether you are gay or straight, black or white, everyone is welcome. The club is a diverse community that accepts everyone with open arms.  


GSA is led by a diverse group of student officers, with Xavious Leal (11) as their president. The board consists of Pearl Bui (9), Jordan Knoch (9), and Tracy Dao (10). They’ve all dealt with being stereotyped for their identities but have been able to turn to GSA for support.  


Although they’re accepting of all, many GSA members have experienced discrimination in society where they were unable to defend themselves due to the ignorance of others. Pearl Bui (9), the GSA secretary, shares, “I couldn’t express how I felt nor act how I wanted.” She continued on, however, describing GSA as “a welcome home.” It’s a safe place where you’re allowed to express your feelings and receive acceptance instead of judgement.


Being part of a group supporting such a controversial subject has both its pros and cons. Members will finally have a place. When asked, “What does it feel like being apart of such an ignored minority?” Tracy Dao (10) responded, “Being part of an ignored minority makes you even more insignificant in a universe where human beings already have so little impact on.” This subject is often disregarded and is even negatively connotated at times. Although GSA is sometimes isolated from society, within the club, they’ve united even more. From hosting pride walks to sharing circles, GSA does whatever they can to connect all.


Often, when people see something that’s substandard or different, they throw around the phrase,“That’s gay,” as though being gay should be frowned upon. The more common this expression becomes, the more it’s passively accepted, even though it is wrong. Tracy Dao (10) expresses, “I’m confused when people use gay as an insult, because being gay is awesome!” Sometimes people aren’t conscious of it being offensive, and that’s where GSA comes in — the members bring more awareness to correct offensive actions like this and the subject as a whole.


GSA is ready to listen your story as long as you’re willing to share it, so if you have something to rant about, or you simply need a shoulder to cry on, GSA is the club to go join. Everyday, we students are balancing the problems of school and family alone. Expand your knowledge on an issue you’re not aware of, meet new friends, and let this amazing group be there for you when you’re down.