Grove’s Love Gurus

Love is an open door~ until it gets slammed in your face, then it’s not an open door. haha (Karen Trinh 12)

If you think they are cheating, they are! (Wes Werner 10)

Step 1: Be attractive. Step 2: Don’t be unattractive. (Andrew Benson 11)

Don’t date. Focus on grades and SAT’s. (Alexis Zaragoza 11)

Love is meant to be hard on you. If you can’t take it, you don’t deserve it. Also, no one cares if you’re going out with someone, stop putting it out there. (Justin Peralta 11)

If her age is only one digit, it is best to stay clear… (Tristan Nguyen 11)

If you’re not sure if you’re in love, then you aren’t. But when you know, you know. Never let that love go. (Dillon Janocha 11)

Just go with how you feel – love is natural – you don’t get to choose how you feel (Courtney Nguyen 12)

Don’t be nice to her at first and then  invite her to the movies. She will be like “what… he’s such a jerk!” That’s when you turn all nice and then now she will be like “wow I was wrong” and then she kisses you. The end. (Cody Tran 12)

Love doesn’t actually exist, so if you think you’re in love YOU’RE WRONG (Kasey Trieu 12)

Don’t take everything for granted because love can only grow through consistent appreciation (Franklin Tran 12)

Love is NOT blind, love is SEEING all the flaws and choosing to accept them (Florencia Ferro 11)

Love yourself before anyone else (Elena Dang 11)

Do not rush love, do not seek it, let it find you. (Vanessa Aviles 11)