Girls’ Water Polo Splash Around for the Beginning of a Great Season

Winter is coming, and the girls’ water polo team is ready for the season! These Lady Argos have been preparing for season since summer league, and they’re not going to let the cold weather stop them from getting into the pool for practices and games. With coaches such as Coach Anthony (Frosh/Soph), Coach Powell (JV), and Coach Henniger (Varsity), our Lady Argos are in good hands. This year, Varsity hopes to keep up with their title as Undefeated League Champs, as well as improve their skills and bond together as a team. “I want this year’s season for all levels of the water polo girls to end up with the most fun and adrenaline season,“ Naomi Devine (10) says,”Winning is fun and all, but being able to play in such a hard sport is the best part.”

Recently, Varsity began preseason in the Santa Ana Valley Varsity Tournament .Varsity was very successful as they played against San Juan High School (14-7) and Sunny Hills (8-7), ending both games victoriously.  Against Godinez, both Varsity (7-1) and JV (9-1) won. Unfortunately, Varsity lost (4-6) to Santa Ana Valley, while JV (10-3) and Frosh/Soph (9-5) ended their own game against the Falcons with wins. So far, the season has been looking pretty good for our Lady Argos! With lots of dedication and perseverance, the team will be able to improve and work harder for a successful season.