Girls Volleyball Meets CIF 2016

IMG_4806Goodbye Season, hello CIF! No need to worry, our Lady Argos are still here and fighting to win it all! After ending season (10-0), our Varsity Girls volleyball dominated the Garden Grove District and are proud to represent our school in CIF. As they look forward to competing against the other schools in CIF, everyone on the team is asking themselves the same questions — how are we doing? Will we make it far? Do we have what it takes?

IMG_4727The first round was on November 1st against Ocean View High School. As it was the first match of CIF, everyone was a bit shaky at first; with realization that every point is a do or die situation, it was hard to control all of the nerves. After the first set progressed with very smart plays by Kina Fonua (12), our Lady Argos fought throughout the set despite losing (28-30). The gym was buzzing, ears were ringing, and people were at the edge of their seats (some were even standing). Despite losing the very close set, the crowd gave our Lady Argos the momentum to dominate the next three sets. Balls were constantly picked up and the rallies were intense; setter Edreana Madria (11) hustled toward every second ball and never failed to place the ball without a purpose. Some plays were trickier than others but nonetheless Varsity never failed to impress. The next 3 sets came out to be (25-18), (25-19), and (25-15). Spectator Danika Khong (11) mentions, “I’m definitely not surprised that our Varsity girls have moved up! They’ve worked so hard to get to this point and I know that they’ll go even further.”IMG_4920

On November 3rd, Lady Argos took on Round 2 against Patriot High School! Compared to the first round, they had already fixed their mistakes and approached the match much more calmly than before. The first set started strong as Hayley Castanos (12) managed to get 4 aces in a row, setting the mood for the rest of the game. “They’re going pretty strong. IMG_4914This is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from our team so far!” says Edward Madria (12). There were numerous saves consisting of balls flying towards the net but quickly getting bumped up by our front row players. Passing was crucial in this game; the Patriots had relatively deep and hard attacks, libero Lina Nguyen (12) was constantly picking up every ball and consistently connecting to tIMG_4211he set which was smashed by Nhi Dinh (12) and Helena Sivea (12) into the opposing side. Leanna Lay (11), who was watching in the bleachers, exclaims, “I freaking love Grove. I love Grove.” and Kim Nguyen (11) adds, “It’s so intense I want to cry. It’s pretty intense.” Winning all 3 sets, Grove was able to sweep the Patriots with (25-20), (25-18), and (25-21).