Girls Tennis ends season with a trip to CIF!

Congratulations to the girls Varsity team for ending season as Undefeated League Champions for the 6th consecutive year and to JV for winning the title of league champions! Carolyn Tran (12) comments, “I’m extremely proud of my team for pulling through with the win this season despite the obstacles thrown our way. I’m glad this program was something I was able to be a part of for the past four years, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.”

IMG_9313At League Finals, all our Varsity players were seeded and played on day one. Unfortunately, our doubles 3 team, Tiffany Bui (11) and Tiffany Than (11), lost in the second round, and our singles 3, Amy Trinh (9), also lost second round. On day two, our doubles 2, Minh-Thi Le (12) and Emily Ta (12), got 4th place, and Elisha Vo (12) and Vivian Daravong (12), our doubles 1 got to finals but lost– getting 2nd place overall. Vivian Daravong (12) tells us, “Even though we placed second at league finals, I thought my partner Elisha and I did a really good job this year. We made it to the finals! Getting there was already such a cool thing, and I’m glad I got to experience it with a reliable partner.” Congrats on doing so well at League Finals, ladies!

IMG_8832After season ends, that means it’s time to prepare for CIF. There were two days before the first CIF game and the ladies had productive practices. The first round of CIF on November 1st was a home game against Redlands East Valley, a high school more than an hour away from GGHS. The game ended in a victory for our Lady Argos (12-6), and they moved onto the second round. Jennifer Truong (10) shares, “I was intimidated at first, but we did really well and it was an overall fun experience”

Getting to the second round on November 3rd of CIF meant an away game– over an hour-long bus ride to Pasadena to play Pasadena Polytechnic High School. This was one of the IMG_0075most challenging schools the team has ever played. There were many discrepancies where the coaches had to step in to resolve. In the end, after a very close game, our Lady Argos came short (8-10). This is was it for the Varsity girls tennis. Minh-Thi Le (12) says that it was “very invigorating to go into my senior year season of CIF. I was glad we actually made it through one round.” Although they won’t be playing any more games as a team, their bond as a team will never dissolve.

It has been an amazing season, Lady Argos! We wish you luck in the next season in the new league. Congratulations once again on your 6th undefeated title!