Girls’ Soccer ends the Season as League Champions!

     It’s been a great season for the Girls’ Soccer Team. They have successfully ended their season by becoming league champions! Countless days of practice and persistence have finally paid off now, seeing how far they’ve gone throughout their games. Ms. Norton, the coach of the Varsity team, describes the team’s many improvements since their first few games, saying, “There are so many little things that the girls have fine tuned. The shooting alone has improved drastically — the girls have a desire to find the back of the net. Along with that, our defense has become a strong unit. We only allowed four goals all season long. This is definitely an impressive stat. Our goalkeeping has been outstanding as well.” Our Lady Argos went against Los Amigos, who were undefeated at 8-0 to our 7-1 going into the game. The girls ended up dominating the game and winning 2-0. This victory secured a place in League for both the Lobos and the Argos, splitting the title with a 9-1 score.
     The Girls’ Soccer Team has three team captains who exemplifies what it means to be a good leader. Adriana Mejia (12) , Mona Sanchez (12), and Jessica Arredondo (12) lead the team on the field in both practices and games, providing the team with a strong backbone. However, it’s not only these three girls who demonstrate leadership: many of the younger players on the team put their hearts into the sport. Jessica Pelagio stepped into goal for a couple games when the starting keeper got injured and “she was amazing.” states Mrs. Norton. She also describes how, “Isabelle Hoang has been an important midfielder. Natalie Moreno has been super vocal on and off the field. Even if they only played for 5 minutes in a game, they made a difference in our success and created an environment where every girl could thrive.”
     Adriana Mejia (12) expresses, “I’m very proud of my team for working so hard to achieve our goal. Even though people doubted us, we proved to them that we’ve got what it takes to become League champions. I believe that if we never give up and keep working hard, we will make it to finals.”They’re continuing on this journey together,one game at a time. Amazing work, Lady Argos! We are very proud of your hard work and are looking forward to seeing you at CIF!