Fernanda De La Cruz: Girl Joining Football?!

Although football season is over, it is not too late to start planning for next year. Fernanda De La Cruz is currently a sophomore who is very involved in school, from sports (Cross Country, Track and Field and Wrestling) to clubs (Mock Trial, American Cancer Society, and More Than Distance). To top it all off, Fernanda has decided that she will join the school’s football team next year. “Why not? Why not break down gender roles and join a male dominated sport? Who says I can’t? Society? Other girls who believe football’s reserved for only men? The guys who say that because I am a girl, I can’t do certain things? Yes, people might look at me funny if I tell them I’m planning on joining football, but I also hope that by doing this, I might be able to inspire other girls and change the stereotype that just because I am a girl I can’t play football. Well, I can and I will. No one can stop me but me. All I can say to the people doubting me is, ‘Watch me.’” By joining, Fernanda will break the stereotype of an all-boy football team being the only kind there is.