GGHS Stars Shining Bright: Talent Show Recap

Last Thursday on February 2nd, GGHS held its annual talent show. With more than 18 students showcasing their talents on the Don Wash stage, the audience were in for an amazing night. Vocal Ensemble seniors Cindy Le, Janie Vu, and Jackie Soto, the emcees of the night, introduced each act. The performances was judged by Mr. Jim Winchell, Ms. Chrissy Leong, Mrs. Shira Smith, Mrs. Gerri Brown, and Mr. Jason Galeener, who would select the winners by the end of the night.


The Talent Show began with Tam Nguyen (11) singing “The Show” by Lenka. Her message to the audience was to just let go, relax, and enjoy the whole night.


Following her was a comedy act by ASB’s own Jessica Lindsay (12), Jacqueline Chavez (10), and Tamara Trujillo (10) called “Pizza Business”. The skit revolved around a character named Barb who is persistent about getting a loan to start her pizza eating business.


Next up, Alexia Reteria (11) sang “Jar of Hearts” by  Christina Perri.


Clark Venadas (9), who has been singing since he was young was inspired by one of his favorite singers, Frank Ocean, to sing “Self Control.”


Childhood friends Cristina Arellano (12) and Jennifer Hernandez (10) wanted to make Cristina’s senior year worth remembering by dancing to “Like a River” by Bleachers together.


Keri Tate(12) took to the piano and sang “You and I” by Lady Gaga. As it was her last year, she decided to take part in the talent show and make it a memorable one, for her and for the audience.


Afterwards, Michelle Nguyen(10), performed Sonata in G Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She had played the piano since she was 9, and she wanted to impress the audience with her amazing skill.


Afterwards were Nala Son(9) and Mike Lee(9), a vocal and piano duet, with Mike at the piano and Nala with the vocals in the song “Lost Boy” by Ruth B.


Ava Licon(12) performed a vocal solo, “Somebody To Love” by. With her powerful vocals and high energy, she had the crowd singing along with her.


Ending the first half of the show was Josephyne Yang dancing to “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. She dedicated her dance to her best friend, who had recently had a painful experience.


Following a brief intermission, Red Badua (10) sang a mash up of  “Let Me Love you” by Mario and “Because of You” by Neyo with his guitar.

The Argotones, a vocal group consisting of Matthew Hasty (12), Josh Alvarez (12), Ari Lam (12) and John Nguyen (12), sang a Jersey Boys Medley. The Argotones are also a part of the GGHS choir department, and the members wanted to perform together one more time.


Not knowing whether to do a Saxophone solo or a dance solo, David Tan (12) decided to do both. For his Saxophone solo, he played the popular song “Closer” by the Chainsmokers, which had everyone singing along.


Ellen Bui (12), well known for her singing around the campus, performed “Too Good At Goodbyes” by Sam Smith to show a different side of her as a performer.


Coming from Hawaii, Kassidy Vincent (12), danced to Tahiti Nui to stay true to her heritage. She’s recently been to Hawaii with her dance company and has been competitively dancing since she was 5.


Jessica Torres (11), whose entire family is music-oriented, sang “Running” by Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce.


Next up, Victoria Nguyen (12) played “Fantasy Mythology” from the anime Mirai Nikki to get into her inner fire. She’s been passionate about music since she was four, and wanted to play something different from the classical pieces she usually played. During her performance, she was “honestly scared that [she] was going to mess up big time, but then the audience [cheered] when [she] took off [her]cardigan. “That gave me the push I needed to confidently play the rest of the piece, even if I did mess up a couple of times,” she reflects.


Ending the final half of the talent show, Mya Shimizu (12) and Josh Alvarez (12) had a dance battle to Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson. Both have placed in previous talent shows and decided to team up together in their final year to create a show-stopping event. During their performance, Mya “wasn’t nervous because [she] got to dance with one of [her] best friends. [She] had so much fun just going out there and being stupid and crazy.”


To finish the night, the Top 5 winners of the competition were announced.


In 5th place was Jessica Torres’ vocal performance of “Running”.


Singing a Jersey Boys medley, the Argotones came in 4th place.


With the fiery and interesting piece, “Fantasy Mythology” from the anime Mirai Nikki, Victoria Nguyen placed 3rd.


David Tan’s high energy dance and impressive sax-playing earned him 2nd place.


Finally, the emcees announced the first place performers of the 2018 Talent Show. Josh Alvarez’s and Mya Shimizu’s Michael Jackson vs Bruno Mars dance battle left a lasting impression for the whole night. Josh Alvarez, who placed in both acts he performed in with the Argotones and Mya Shimizu, states that, “[His] goal wasn’t to place but to entertain my audience, and I am so happy I ended my senior year with these performances.”