GGHS Great Escape and BBQ

PBIS hosted their first event on November 2nd- a BBQ and Great Escape. Students gathered in the Quad and the libraryto exchange their hard-earned Argocash for hot dogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill with an ice cold soda and a chance to participate in the escape room with a group of friends. It took the PBIS students and staff many weeks to plan and coordinate the event. 

The escape room had three different themes correlating with Halloween: Zombies, Back to the Future, and the Ghost of Garden Grove. To participate in the Escape Room, students signed up in the attendance office beforehand and gathered a team of 8-10 Argonauts.

The PBIS student club helped prepare the food and supervised the Escape Rooms.                                                      The BBQ was located in the quad, with Ms. Blackstone, Ms. Martinez, and Mr. Fulton in charge of cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. With many people in a never-ending long line, anxiously waiting to fill their bellies, the smell of tasty burgers had filled the quad, and soon PBIS ran out of food and had to restock on materials. Katlin Ruiz (10) says “The food was great, but the best part was that I only had to pay Argocash.” PBIS would not accept any                                                                                                                        money, only Argocash.

Ms. Trac explains, “This event isn’t about money, it is about rewarding students for their positive behavior. PBIS isn’t fundraising from this event, but promoting positive behavior of our students.”

Ms. Trac and the staff’s goal was to combine activities students were interested in: food and puzzles. With the growing popularity of Escape Rooms, PBIS believed it would be an excellent main attraction.

Solving the escape room required teamwork and collaboration. The goal of the Escape Room was to escape within 45 minutes through solving puzzles, developing strategies, and unlocking clues to reach the end.

Every 10 minutes, the participants would receive a clue from supervisors who were also trapped in the room. “The escape room was so fun and allowed our soccer team to bond,” says Heavyn Agu (10) who solved the clues in the zombie themed room.                                                                                                                                                              

To boost the competitiveness within the groups participating, Mr. Rivero made it a competition to test each group’s abilities to escape the fastest. One of the members of the PBIS student club, Emily Rodriguez (11) shares that “seeing their face light up whenthey opened a lock or solved a puzzle made me feel happy, knowing  that what we did as a club was both fun and beneficial.” 

After experiencing her first ever escape room, Mya Shimizu (12) says “I would most definitely save up more Argocash to participate in future PBIS events.” With the success of PBIS’ first event, the PBIS team are planning to                                                                                  host future events to reward students for their positive behavior and representing what it means to be “ARGOS.”

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