Getting Linked In: Dayna Chu, Class of 2013

Like any ordinary college student, Dayna Chu, a graduate from Class of 2013, came into college looking for a part-time job on campus to make some extra cash. Although UC San Diego (UCSD) was not her first choice, she quickly fell in love with not only the university, but the city of San Diego as well. Dayna adds, “I chose UC San Diego for its unique university structure and its beautiful location. At UC San Diego, I double majored Cognitive Science and Communication. These two majors are unique and are not often seen together; however, they both led me towards a career path in Human Resources (HR)/Recruiting.” After searching for a career path, she landed upon a position as a Human Resource Assistant at the UCSD HR Department. This gave Dayna access to information on other human resources related actions. During her time there, she “had a very supportive manager who mentored and introduced her to the many functions of HR.” First touching upon Recruiting/Talent Acquisition, she immediately became interested and did a little bit of researching on her own about the path in this career.

That summer of Dayna’s sophomore year, she applied to HR internships that were specifically in Recruiting and was lucky to land an internship with Intuit. She was a Talent Acquisition Intern on the CPA/Tax team. “I had such an incredible summer with Intuit that they offered me a return-offer for next summer. I came back the summer of my junior year also as a Talent Acquisition intern, but this time on the Product and Technology Team.”  After completing her second internship, she came back to UCSD to start senior year. During that school year, Dayna was recruited for a part-time Talent Acquisition Specialist position with a cyber security company in San Diego, called Proficio.

For Dayna, landing that very first internship was one of the biggest challenges she stumbled upon. She knew that if she wanted to get a job right out of college, she had to have previous job experiences from internships and part-time jobs. “Being a college student without any prior experience, you are going to get a lot of rejections. However, as long as you are motivated, and you keep on trying, you’re going to get that internship/job that’ll change your life,” expresses Dayna.

Dayna’s number one motivation for everything she does is her family, who immigrated to the U.S. in the year 2000. In a completely foreign country, Dayna and her family had to start their life back to square one. “We didn’t have much nor did we even speak the language. I knew that my parents gave up a lot when they decided to move to the U.S. to give my sisters and me a better future. Knowing this, whenever I encounter any obstacles, I always look back at what my parents gave up in order for me to have what I have now.” This mentality pushes Dayna to continue pursuing her dreams and to overcome any obstacles ahead.

Dayna’s passion towards recruiting and its impact on business continues to grow as her future goal is to become a full-cycle Recruiter. “I would love to be able to continue this career path and slowly start to learn and transition into a full-cycle Recruiter.” On weekdays, Dayna works her 8-hour job. After a long day at work, she comes home to cook and rest up to prepare for the next day. She shares a piece of advice to those who are considering to follow her path: “Find your motivation, and stay motivated. I know high school and college may be challenging and discouraging sometimes, but you have to focus on the bigger picture. That college degree can bring you your future dream job, dream car, dream house, and many more. An extra trip to the library and an extra hour of studying can bring you a long way!”