Former Argologer Now a Senior Editor – Kathryn Feather, Class of 1995

Kathryn Feather graduated from GGHS in the class of 1995 after being a part of the Argolog staff for three years. After two years as editor-in-chief and attending a high school journalism program at Northwestern University in Illinois, she knew journalism was the career for her. After graduating, Kathryn went to University of Missouri-Columbia, the #1 ranked journalism school in the U.S.  She majored in journalism with an emphasis on News and Editorial.  She is now the Senior Editor for 2 magazines: EB5 Investigators Magazine and The China Investor.  

To all the seniors, juniors, and practically anybody planning on going to college, Kathryn has some vital advice: “Decide on a goal, develop a plan to reach it, and work hard to get there.  Nobody expected me to go to Missouri and my parents really didn’t have the finances to send me there. But I worked hard to get the grades I needed and the scholarships that would help pay for it and I made it happen. You can accomplish a lot with hard work and determination, so don’t give up even if you encounter a few setbacks along the way. Keep your goal in mind and keep working hard to achieve it.”

There were a few memories at Grove that never faded away for Kathryn. “I miss the friendships I developed there. I haven’t kept in touch with very many people from my time at Grove but I have very fond memories of a lot of people. I loved my time at GGHS. I wish I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to grow up and move on, because it was fun and I wish I would have appreciated it while I was there.”  Kathryn’s final words of advice for high schoolers now: don’t take high school for granted, because you’ll learn and grow so much throughout these years and you don’t want to miss out on anything.