Finals Week Approaches: The End is Near

It’s that time of the year again where the phrase “finals are coming” holds the same sting as a doomsday prophecy, and logging onto Aeries twists your stomach into knots. The semester is drawing to a close, and soon your grades will be set in stone.

But don’t worry too much — not all hope is lost! It’s also the perfect time to check in with your teachers and discuss what you can do to raise your grade and what improvement is still possible. Setting up a time to talk with your teacher, rather than just cramming in a quick conversation at the beginning or end of class, will be less stress on the both of you. It may not be possible to squeeze in enough extra credit to get an A, but you should at least be able to improve your grade.

However, with so many subjects to stay on top of and different finals to fret over, it helps to choose one or two classes to focus on. Writing out the best and worst possible scenarios for each of your classes grades-wise will help you choose an area to focus on and open your eyes to where you may need the most help. Take advantage of extra credit assignments, tutoring, and long study session as these will help you make significant progress!

During these last two weeks, utilize the Aeries online gradebook — keeping up with your scores and taking note of what your teachers’ grading scales are makes it easier to set goals. If tests count for 75% of your grade in your science class, then calculate the test scores you would need to get in order to raise your grade the desired amount. If you don’t understand the grading scale, ask your teacher so you aren’t left completely in the dark when you need to stay on top of your academics.

All of these things will help you finish strong this semester, but you should never underestimate the importance of sleep and getting enough to eat. Those things can seem unimportant in the frenzy of finals week and projects, but getting enough rest and eating balanced meals will get you in better shape for your upcoming tests and presentations. Taking care of yourself should be your first priority — so in the midst of all this work, make sure that you reward yourself as well!

The end may be near, but it doesn’t have to be an unfortunate one. Let’s go, Argos, and pull through these last two weeks!

by Madalyn Spangler