Farewell Assembly Recap

The end of the year has come and that means saying goodbye to this year’s seniors. What better way to commemorate the graduating seniors than have a first ever farewell assembly in honor of their successful year? On June 8th, ASB welcomed each student as they filed into the north gym. Each class sat in their designated section, with seniors and juniors on the right side, and sophomores and freshman on the left side.

The assembly began with Cheer performing an energetic routine that pumped up the crowd. Vivian Le (10) comments, “I think cheer did an exceptional job with their stunts!”. With the crowd in high spirits, the assembly moved onto a dance that ASB put together. With their jaw-dropping moves and ecstatic attitudes, they got the audience hyped up even more! By the time the class performance started, it was hard to calm down the crowd!

Class of ‘18, ‘19, and ‘20 got together and after lots of practice, they executed at the assembly. The choreographers were Mimi Nguyen (11), Angel Nguyen (11), and Steven Tran (from Santiago). Ryan Vu (10), a performer of this dance states, “It was really fun and stressful because we had to learn all the dances in 2 weeks, but we did well!” They danced to popular songs which got the crowd riled up. Elisha Vo (11) says, “My favorite part was the piece when class danced to ‘Humble’ because Andrew Doan (11) and Alex Nguyen (11) started singing along with the song.”

To commence the assembly on a hearty note, the senior class president, Kenny Ngo (12) gave a speech inspiring the seniors for their exciting futures. There’s just over a week left of this school year so let’s all do our best to end off the year strong!