Event of the Hour

Get your computers booted up and keyboards ready: it’s time to sit back and join the largest educational event in the world — the Hour of Code! National Computer Science Education Week takes place from the 5th of December to the 9th in celebration of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, a computer scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral who essentially influenced computer science with her inventions and programming language. Although it’s geared toward classroom settings, anyone of all ages can participate in the Hour of Code throughout the year, no prior experience needed. This year, Garden Grove High School decided to take part in this event to expose students to fields in computer science; many students joined as they created programs similar to the ones they use daily. It doesn’t take a computer scientist to create lines of code, and by participating in this event you can nurture your problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. The first step is as easy as a click of a button.

For many students, this was their first time coding, as they enthusiastically yet curiously wandered towards the Chromebooks laid upon the tops of the desks. Hour of Code opened doors of opportunity for students to learn basic programming and provide exposure that might possibly influence their interests in the field. Everything we do technologically has a protocol, a set of procedures, and various objectives despite how intimidating something may look. You’d be surprised how many intricate commands in apps and games are composed of simple lines of code  that anyone could produce. Xina Tran (12) exclaims, “I enjoyed being exposed to the variety of ways coding can be integrated into everyday life. It intrigued me how the complex activities could be broken down into simple functions, bringing forth the thought of the endless possibilities it can create to further advance technology and the quality of life.” As we grow into the age of technology, the demand for computer science based careers continues to exponentially develop creating an importance for students to become interested.

Students enjoyed taking part in creating games such as Disney’s Moana and Gotta Code Them All. All games featured on Code.Org utilized real coding language such as Java, Python, and Swift. Tung Nguyen (11) says, “I would do it again,” and plans to surpass every difficult level in “Code Combat.” It doesn’t stop there for the students at Garden Grove High School, these programs continue to advocate challenging and fun puzzles for all who wish to solve them. You don’t have to go a long distance or search far and wide to get involved; beyond the Hour of Code, Garden Grove High School offers various classes which allow students to dabble with computer science, such as Video Game Design, App Making, and AP Computer Science. Super duper anxious to get a head start? Every hour is a great hour to code, keep calm and log on.