Environmental Club: Saving the Earth One Can at a Time

We love the Earth and want to cure it of its troubles: global warming, pollution, and deforestation. Alleviating the Earth of its problems won’t happen overnight, but it can be accomplished through small and gradual steps over time. Our very own Environmental Club is taking crucial measures to preserve the planet that we call home.

One of the major clubs on campus, Environmental Club is advised by Mr. Henninger and led by MyLien LyTrang (12; president), Bach Le (11; vice president). Jill Trang (12; treasurer), Khang Hoang (11; secretary), Julie Huynh (12; project chair), and Catherine Pham (12; ICC representative).

The board members hold meetings in Mr. Henninger’s room (324) every Wednesday at lunch to update their members on upcoming events. “During meetings, we recap precious events… and…  give them fun facts about the environment and one thing in the news… that relates to the environment,” MyLien says. The club is regulated through a 25-point system: members must earn twenty-five points by the end of the school year if they wish to attend banquet.

As an active club, Environmental Club offers daily opportunities for its members to leave positive footprints on the Earth’s ecosystem and environment. Officers ensure that the school’s plastic waste won’t end up in a landfill by recycling every day of the school week behind the cafeteria, with members joining their efforts every Friday. They also gather together to volunteer at events during the weekends, which typically include habitat restorations at Bolsa Chica and beach cleanups. “Environmental Club focuses on any events…  helping the environment such as beach cleanups where we pick up trash and habitat restorations where we usually either remove non-native (invasive) plant species or plant/maintain the native ones,” explains Catherine Pham. 

Although these high school environmentalists are constantly working and never seem to rest, they also take breaks to reward themselves for their grit. Board and club members enjoy each other’s company at bonding events which usually take place during a holiday vacation. Recently, during the previous Thanksgiving break, the officers organized an ice skating session at the Al-Olympic Rink in Anaheim. “The ice skating event was really fun,” Vicky Hoang (10), an active member, remarks. “Everyone is so friendly and kind.” 

You don’t need to have a green thumb to qualify as a member. The people of Environmental Club embrace everyone with open arms. An influx of new and old members enter this welcoming community every year, only to walk out with a greater appreciation for the Earth. “Personally, Environmental Club has made me more responsible and passionate about the environment,” MyLien says. “I appreciate nature and the Earth a lot more.”

Every time you finish drinking your water bottle, don’t toss it in the trash; instead, do the planet and your fellow environmental advocates a favor by placing it in the recycling bin. Join Environmental Club while you’re at it, too!