Dr. Corulla

Contrary to what students might think, Dr. Corulla doesn’t just sit behind a desk all the time. However, she has a hidden side of her that shows her commitment towards athletes — she’s very passionate about running marathons. You may think of training for and running in a marathon as a grueling activity, but her interest in marathons has become a big part of her life. Ever since Dr. Corulla started running, her emotional attachment towards marathons has rapidly increased because “each marathon and the people that support her motivates her to continue running.” So far, Dr. Corulla has ran four full marathons, with many more to come. The marathons she has participated in so far are the Run for Animal Rescue,  a non-profit marathon event in San Diego organized by runners, the Leukemia Run, and the Lymphoma Run. The Lymphoma Run is especially important to her because her mom is diagnosed with Lymphoma, which gives her the motivation to persevere in marathons.

Dr. Corrula has been taking part in marathons since 2009. The past seven years have created some memorable moments, one of which Dr. Corulla shares, “We weren’t even close to running a quarter of a mile, when all of a sudden, groups of people started going to the bathroom in the bushes!” Before having the chance to participate in marathons, Dr. Corulla had injured her leg and currently has a metal rod in her leg, to support her injury. She was told that she would have a small possibility of no longer being able to walk because of her injured leg. However, with that knowledge, Dr. Corulla still continues to run in order to strengthen up her leg. Preparing for these marathons took 20-30 weeks of training, yet her hard work paid off in the end. “It all started off with three or four miles, then I gradually increased to running twenty miles.”

Starting off her journey in running, she had mixed feelings of “anxiety and excitement,” however her friends have supported and encouraged her throughout this experience. Dr. Corulla emphasizes that running her first marathon had got her thinking, “Why am I doing this?” But in the end, with every bit of energy left, sprinting to the finish line replenished her with a feeling of satisfaction and pride which reminded her of why she took in the challenge in the first place. Her enthusiasm for running marathons continues to grow, and she is looking forward to running her next marathon this upcoming February.