Discovering Her Creative Side: Linda Lam, Class of 2009

It was being the President of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) that lead her to achieve goals and make connections that many people didn’t think were possible. This was the start that allowed her to become who she is today. Linda Lam, a GGHS graduate from Class of 2009, was a part of a club at her college that was praised for always creating a buzz around campus by bringing in world-famous guest speakers. By her senior year of college, she was able to book three of the most high-profile designers working in the design industry today (Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh, and Stefan G. Bucher). Linda says, “Art is something that can’t be tamed. Art can leave a lasting impression on people by what they see or how they feel. I love that everyone can have their own endless amount of interpretations and the longer you make art, the better it can get.”

During her senior year at GGHS, she set a goal for herself to enter every single art contest that came her way. She won some and she lost some, but none of these contests could compare to Loretta Sanchez’s Congressional Art Contest: “An Artistic Discovery.” “They invited everybody who submitted work to an award ceremony at the Art Institute campus to celebrate and see all the work that students from different schools and districts did. They started announcing the honorable mentions and my name was called first. I gladly went up to accept a $1,000 scholarship to AI (Art Institute) and thought that was the end of it.” Then came the grand finale that everyone was waiting for. Never expecting this moment, Linda won a $10,000 scholarship, the grand finale prize, to the Art Institutes. Two days after graduating from GGHS, she got to fly out to Washington D.C. to see her artwork hung in the U.S. Capitol building!

After high school, Linda decided to expand her education and attend the Art Institute of California. She went from being a kid who was always left working alone in group projects to graduating at the top of her class. From there, she immersed herself in everything that college had to offer: volunteering to become an Ambassador to help out with events around campus, mentoring new students at orientation, tutoring students in between classes, and leading the school’s most active club on campus as the President of the AIGA student chapter.

Although Linda’s journey included many positive encounters and experiences, she also came across obstacles in her way. Her biggest challenge came right after she graduated college when her dad passed away. “He did so much for me and raised me to be who I am today. In a sense, I found myself working harder than ever to make him proud and to really take charge of my life.” expresses Linda.

With that motivation, she found herself loving art even more. She currently works at a design studio and has fallen in love with the incredible design team. Doodling on the side of her notes throughout high school ended up becoming something that she gets paid to do! One of her favorite projects to date is doing the majority of the lettering for the signage and menu at Working Class Kitchen, a butcher/deli/sandwich shop in Long Beach.

Linda aspires to motivate others to find people to look up to in whatever career they want to pursue. She encourages to learn what these people do and what it took for them to reach their goal. “Stay thirsty and never lose sight of the finish line. You will never be able to comprehend the amount of things you’ll be able to achieve when you aim high.”