Decision Day: Celebrating Our Future College Freshmen

Decision DayAs graduation day approaches, seniors itch to hear that final bell. No more personal statement, no more college apps, no more school. Tensions dispelled once college acceptance letters came in. As part of the College Advising Corps, Ms. Dawson organized a two-day event for seniors to celebrate their acceptance into college. Ms. Dawson explains, “For the last few weeks, I’ve been working to pull this together.” And the hard work payed off. With a small budget and months of planning, Decision Day welcomed the graduating class with pizza and spools of cotton candy. Deena Le comments, “At first I thought it was another event where the adults talk to us about college again, but it wasn’t. All the seniors could relax and enjoy some food together.” Future college freshmen were scattered across the gym, chatting with their buddies whom they may be separated from as they embark on their own journey just a few months from now. The seniors commemorated their acceptance by signing their names on the poster of the college they are going to attend. A prop photo booth was also organized so that they could capture their last high school memories together. Timothy Bravo viewed the event as a confirmation of how college is “another step in [his] staircase of life and just another world waiting to be explored.” Thank you to Ms. Dawson and her committee for organizing a wonderful event and congratulations to all of Class of 2015!

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