Danika Khong (11) High School: The Continental Drift

Danika Khong would like to informally greet you: “Sup, peeps.”

High school is one of those awkward times in life; it’s a time where we’re all searching for ourselves, our friends, “squads,” “biffles,” best friends – maybe even blindly accepting relationships that are a given simply just because they’re there. Fortunately, Danika has realized the “hardest reality:” it’s not typically normal for preexisting friend groups to easily transition into high school. With restraints on where some are able to attend and also the bustle of school itself interfering with everyone’s social lives, this often creates a “drift.”

Danika recalls her longstanding relationship with her friend group, ranging from the beginning of middle school to about early sophomore year, and claims she had the “most awkward and weird group of friends that everyone even thought were weird.” With many good times behind them and a love that was “unconditional” and even comparable to the bonds she has with her immediate family, Danika is not “disappointed” with the memories she had created. She’s just grateful that she has been honored with the opportunity to be included in someone else’s story, even if it was just for a while, the impact and lessons everyone has implemented in each other has shaped who they are today. “High school life is full of friendships that come and go; don’t force the unnatural ones and let the real love of real friends gravitate towards you.”