Fall Dance Showcase: Dance Takes on the Stage!

On the night of November 14th, GGHS’s Dance and Theater hosted another brilliant dance show in the Don Wash Auditorium! Everyone in dance class has been practicing extremely hard to prepare for this special event. The new dance and theater teacher, Ms. Leong, choreographed multiple pieces for the dance show. Students also took this opportunity to choreograph some of their own performances.


The show opened with a dance that had families and friends applauding for more. Choreographed by Ms. Leong herself, the zero period class performed to “Mlmir Vi Vidir” by Marc Anthony. One dance that brought the crowd to cheers was a dance to the song “24K” by Bruno Mars, a cheery and fun dance. Dancer, Veronica Solis (11) says that, “I was a little nervous at first but when I was on stage, I felt more comfortable and decided to have fun.”

After the intermission, Josephine Yang (11) performed a ballet dance to the song“Praying” by Ke$ha. It was a lyrical piece, 


incorporating gentle and slow gestures. Mysterious and eerie vibes seeped onto the crowd as all of Ms. Leong’s fourth period came onto stage with sunglasses and danced to “Clarity” by Zedd. Additionally, faculty surprised the crowd with a dance to “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. A lot of “whips” and “nae naes” by Mr. Fulton, Ms. Lewis, Mr.Bui, Ms.Trac, Mr. Romeo, Mr. Nguyen, and Mr. Griffin received plenty of laughs from the audience. Dominic Nguyen (12) who had came to support his sister’s performance said, “My favorite dance performance was 

with the teachers breaking it down.” The zero period dance class also performed an encore of “Heads Will Roll” by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a dance they performed on Halloween in the quad during lunch.

A student from advanced dance, Tanya Nguyen (12), says that, “This show was a good way to start of the school year. It went by so fast and it felt unreal.” 


Toclose off the show, everyone in dance performed to “Bows” by Mariah Carey. The heartwarming ending scene consisted of all of the performers walking onto stage and bowing with grace. Ms. Leong came up onto stage as well and thanked everyone at who supported the show and those who performed in it. She says, “It was a 

great learning experience for all my classes. The show was a success and it was great bringing arts into the community.” Another performer, Diane Ngo (12), thinks that the show, “was great! It was our first time with a new teacher and Ms. Leong helped us out in so many different ways to make this show 

work.” Well done to all of Ms. Leong’s dance students and great show, everyone!