1. What is your club’s mission?
  2. What are your goals for this year?
  3. What events are you planning on?
  4. Why did you join/create this club?
  5. Why should people join?
  6. Where/when/how often do you meet?
  7. Do you have a website/club email?
  8. How do you plan on innovating your club or improving upon any problems that occurred last year? (Follow-up: What have you done so far?)
  9. What do you love the most about this club?
  10. How has this club changed or impacted you?

President: Julie Nguyen (12)

1. Our club’s mission is to encourage students to become well-rounded students in not only their academics, but in their extracurricular activities as well. We hope to continue to foster the motivation and education among academically talented students.

2. Our goal is to continue to be that motivating factor for students to raise their grades, for them to achieve academic excellence, and be seen as academically competitive. We would also hope to bring out the best within our members, and bring out great character, and for them to develop these leadership skills early on during their high school year. We want students to become well-rounded individuals, so they can succeed in their academics and community service.

3. Every year, CSF offers a range of events that any member would enjoy. We are an academic based club at school, so we do not target a specific cause; however, each event gives the members the opportunity to give back to their community while having fun at the same time! At most, each year, our club offers different events as well as some recurring events that were highly recommended from previous members and officers. We have tons of events available for our members during our meetings, and there will always be a volunteer event available each week. This would allow each member to be active in serving their community.

4. Initially, I joined this club because I really believed in its purpose, and I wanted to become more involved in my community. It seemed like a stable and solid club to join, considering it was the first club I joined beginning my Sophomore year. I remember speaking with the officers during Club Rush my Sophomore year, and they seemed so motivated and inspiring, I knew I had to join. I knew the club would benefit me towards college.

5. CSF offers the best of both worlds. You feel encouraged to succeed academically, and after becoming a member, you will feel more inspired to help within your community. It is a statewide organization, so it looks great on college applications. You get to meet and interact with some of the greatest people. Our events are usually limited to 5-15 per event, so it gives you an opportunity to meet and become close with different members for each event you sign up. Our motto is “Scholarship for Service.”  Moreover, we offer two scholarships in the name of CSF, a $250 given at our end of the year banquet, and a 1,000 scholarship offered around December for any Senior active in the club (yay for free money!!). You are awarded a stole your Senior year, and get to wear it during graduation and sit in front of your graduating class. CSF is different from other clubs because It is not one of those clubs you join for the sake of just getting hours, you end up having this desire and motivation to always become an active member.

6. We have our meeting on every other Monday during lunch in the South Gym.

7. You can visit our website is gghscsf.web.com for constant updates, and our email is gghscsf@gmail.com

8. We did not run through any issues last year, it was very organized. I believe the only problem that we had was signing up for events. During our meetings, members would rush to sign up for events, and it would get hectic because there were SO many members. This problem would be solved since we are offering more events than last year, and we are separating our sign up sheets at different locations in the south gym, so people would not be directed to go to one specific area for sign ups. Sign-in sheets will also be placed in a specific area, separate from the event sign ups.

9. I could go on about how amazing CSF is, and what I love about it, but I will try to limit it to a few words. I love the people, I love the energy every time I come to a meeting, I love the motivation CSF brings to every student to succeed academically, I love the events, I love the how organized it is, I love how friendly the officers are, I love the dedication of each member, most importantly, I love how it made me become a better person. You should totally join CSF if you are unsure of what club to join, or how you can become more involved in terms of extracurricular while keeping up with you grades. It is such an all-around club that I believe can cater to anyone who is interested in community service and academics.

10. CSF has impacted me in so many ways that even words are not enough to describe how much it has changed me throughout the years. I believed it brought out the best in me and what I had to offer. It helped me develop leadership skills, and inspired me to become more active in my community. The events made me develop a passion for volunteering. I found an improvement in my speaking skills, and became encouraged to do succeed in my academics. I was so shy my Freshmen and Sophomore year, and I have become much more social, and have been very involved with my extracurricular since then. I get so much joy whenever I hear that CSF has impacted other people the same way it has mine, and to see their dedication is amazing. I feel so grateful and fortunate that I am given the opportunity to set events for all the members and to be an officer.

Vice President: Lynda Bui (12)

1. Our club’s mission is to acknowledge and reward those who not only demonstrate academic excellence but also service and character. We provide chances to earn hours of community service, which ultimately earns members a certificate, a pin, and a sash to wear at graduation.

2. My goal is for each member to participate in as many events as they can. Each event is rewarding in multiple respects- you get to meet new people, make new memories, and of course earn service points. I want to see all the seniors complete their 4th semester of points and mark that as an accomplishment!

3. We have a ton of events in store- at least one every month if not every week or so. This includes Lincoln Center, events at the discovery science center, and just about any opportunity we find.

4. I joined this club my sophomore year because I wanted to be apart of a group that has the same values as me- scholarship and service. Starting early in CSF has definitely rewarded me with memories, friendships, and leadership experience.

5. Everyone who qualifies has no reason not to join! It’s a club that will highlight each individual’s dedication to the school and the community.

6. We hold meetings in the south gym every other Monday at lunch

7. Yes! Any information you need will be found on gghscsf.webs.com we can also be contacted at gghscsf@gmail.com

8. Last year’s club operated pretty smoothly, so we are just hoping to carry that on through this year as well!

9. I love that so many people are able to be apart of it. I would not know about half of the events I get to attend if it weren’t for this club that opens so many doors.

10. CSF has geared me to value service just as much as scholarship. It’s given me leadership experience that I’ve been able to utilize in my other activities.

Publicity: Kevin Tann (11)

1.  Our club’s mission is to provide our members with community service events. We would like to have our members positively affect the community.

2. Our goals for this year are to have all or members complete their hours and points. We aim to make our members well  rounded individuals who are actively involved in the community around them.

3. The events that we have planned are soup kitchens, library help outs, Lincoln center, and the  Tinkerbell marathon just to name a few.

4. I joined CSF as a freshman because they had community service events which would allow me to help others out.

5. People should join CSF because it is a great opportunity to meet new people, complete community service hours, and increase college acceptance. It is a great way to give back to the community.

6.We have meetings every other Monday at lunch in the South Gym.

7. Our website is gghscsf.webs.com

8. We plan to improve our club by providing even more opportunities for community service events. This will allow our members to finish their hours.

9. The thing I love most is the feeling you get when you help someone out.

10. CSF has had a positive impact on me, it helped me develop a passion for helping others and serving the community. It helped me appreciate the little things that everyone can do that contribute to a greater cause.