Cross Country Recap 3

Within the course of the last few weeks, the GGHS Cross Country team ran their final races of the season. In a tri-meet against Bolsa Grande and Los Amigos, Argos faced a mixture of victory and defeat. The Boy’s Varsity won against Los Amigos (19-42), but lost to Bolsa with a close score of (30-26). Similarly, the Girl’s Varsity also beat Los Amigos with a win of (26-32) but struggled to outrace Bolsa (49-15). However, the Boy’s JV/Frosh team dominated the course and both high schools. Against Bolsa, the Boy’s JV conquered with an amazing score of (19-42), as well as defeating Los Amigos (26-29).
Don’t say goodbye to the GGHS Cross Country team just yet, because the Argonauts recently ran in the Cross Country League Finals and ended it with major successes! In a race against 5 other schools including Bolsa, La Quinta, Los Amigos, Rancho, and Santiago, the Boy’s Varsity and JV/Frosh team managed to rank 4th place in their respective races. In addition, the Girl’s Varsity left the other schools in the dust, rightfully earning 3rd place! With all of the running Argos’ hard work and triumphs throughout the entire season, including their wins in the Cross Country League Finals, both the Boy’s and Girl’s Varsity team managed to qualify for CIF! Jennifer Huynh (12) is “super proud of the boys and girls for making it to CIF together for the first time in years, especially the girls for going back!”
Qualifying for CIF is a huge achievement for the team. Argos pushed themselves in every single practice and meet with the goal of CIF in mind. This will be the first time in many years for the Boy’s Varsity to make it into CIF, while it’ll be the Girl’s Varsity 2nd time in a row! “For the first time in a decade,” Giovanni Barajas (11) says, “Grove is taking a full team to CIF, and I am so proud of our team making history.”
Congratulations for your victorious season Argos, and GGHS wishes you the best of luck at CIFs!