Connect with the Simon Scholars

Last year, in February, nine Argos from the Class of 2019 – Quinn Bell, Kellie Bendezu, Luke Costilow, Emily Dinh, Eric Le, Kaitlyn Prickett, Carissa Odasso, Nghiem Pham, and Han Nguyen- received the Simon Scholarship after competing for a spot as a finalist. This year, the Simon Scholarship Foundation are back to offer  Class of 2020 a chance to win $16,000, $4,000 for every year they’re in college. Along with the scholarship, the Simon scholars are given a Macbook, SAT prep classes, college prep workshops, and a full-paid trip to tour the Bay Area colleges. Some might hesitate when hearing that only nine people will be chosen; however, Class of 2019 will help convince them through a quick recap of their experience.

Interview Questions:

  1. Are there any tips you would give regarding the application progress (personal statement, etc.)?
  2. What are some events that the Simon Scholar Foundation had hosted?
  3. Describe your favorite event (what did you do there? Did u meet anyone new? ect.) Why was it your favorite event?
  4. Have you went on your Bay area trip yet? If so, what are some highlight from that trip?
  5. Any words on why sophomores should apply to the Simon Scholarship?

Emily Dinh (11)

For the Simon scholar thing
1) My my advice for the application would be just to be yourself and authentic and put a lot of emotion in the application
2) The Simon Scholar Foundation hosts a lot of events such as the college Symposium, Summer Conference, fall retreat, and monthly meetings at school.
3) my favorite event was definitely the fall retreat in San Diego because I got to become closer with my Simon Scholars from Grove and bond with other Scholars from different schools. During the fall Retreat we had a lot of motivational and eye opening experiences and got to eat lots of good food but also a lot of outdoor activities like horseback riding, zipline, archery, and hiking.

  1. I have not been on the San Francisco trip yet but we will during spring break.
  2. Sophmores should really apply because it’s free money and you don’t want to miss that opportunity and the foundation will provide great opportunities to enrich yourself and become a better person.


Han Nguyen (11)

1) make sure you complete your application the day before it due. With personal essay, do not overwrite, keep it to the minimum requirement of words. Tell your own story and not a make up one or copy from someone. Do not hesitate to do the application because it is long, there is a high chance of you getting in!
2) Summer retreat at Chapman University was one of the event that SF had hosted. The food court there is AMAZING and you also get to experience how it feel like to live in a dorm.
3) My favorite event would be summer retreat because my roommate became one of my close friend. Also, the food there was fantastic so that was one of the highlight. We do activity like dancing, escape room. and etc that was super fun and enjoyable.
4) not yet, we going this Spring Break
5)DO NOT BE LAZY AND APPLY! I was in you guys position wondering if I should do it or not, but i decided to took the chance. You never know what will happen if you dont try.


Kaitlyn Prickett (11)

1.  Be honest.  They don’t want or need a perfect picture.  They look at the whole package so don’t be discouraged because of a GPA or because you aren’t in 27 clubs.
2.  The Simon Scholars have so far attended a College Symposium, made blankets for foster children, stayed at chapman university and lived the college life for a week, and bonded at fall retreat without worrying about school or and other stressors we might have.
3.  My favorite event was fall retreat because not only did I meet new family member but I also met a new part of myself and wasn’t afraid of being judged or making mistakes.  (I also got to go zip lining so that was a plus)
4.  I have not been on the Bay Area trip but we are going in April and I’m beyond excited.
5.  Words can’t even describe the Simon Family Foundation.  This opportunity is far better then I could have ever imagined.  At first I thought the physical money was the best and most important part but really, it’s the experience, the guidance, the family, and the overall support every single scholar receives.  So if the awesome polos don’t already convince you, the rest of the package should.