Congratulations to Our Quidditch Champions!

As any avid Harry Potter fan (or, any person who hasn’t been living under a rock these past eighteen-or-so years) knows, the spells and potions and sources of magic in this very real world do not hail from English. Phrases like “wingardium leviosa,” “expelliarmus,” and “expecto patronum” all, in fact, come from Latin, so it only makes sense that GGHS’s Junior Classical League (JCL) hosts an annual Quidditch Tournament in order to honor this heritage and spread news of their beloved Latin program.

JCL President Kelly Tran (12) says of the event, “This year was different since we actually hosted a tournament. In previous years, JCL had games that were spread out through the year. By making it a tournament, we were able to have more friendly competition and even reward our champions. It definitely kept things more organized, so we hope we can continue these tournaments. It’s not only the “nerds” who play quidditch!”

This first ever Quidditch tournament, the fourth time Quidditch has come to GGHS, was hosted with teamwork in mind. “When the kids go out there and they play as a team, it shows that we have camaraderie in our program,” Ms. Dinh, JCL Advisor and Latin teacher says. “They’re willing to kind of act like dorks out there on the field and just play with their friends. This program is not just about the language, but the people whom you meet in the program and the familial feelings when you play the sport.”

English students, ASB members, athletes and JCL players all took the field to participate in this tournament, and JCL emerged victorious, so here’s to more Quidditch tournaments to come!