Class of 2015

  1. What is your club’s mission?
  2. What are your goals for this year?
  3. What events are you planning on?
  4. Why did you join/create this club?
  5. Why should people join?
  6. Where/when/how often do you meet?
  7. Do you have a website/club email?
  8. How do you plan on innovating your club or improving upon any problems that occurred last year?
  9. What do you love the most about this club?
  10. How has this club changed or impacted you?


President: Danny Umanzor (12)

  1. Our club’s mission is to promote the spirit of the Class of 2015.
  2. My goals for this year is to have my class be active, whether we raise money for my class or become closer as we spend our final year at Grove and leave a Senior legacy.
  3. The events that we are planning on, as of now, is our Winterfest Assembly which will take place in January and advertising for our Grad Nite, which will be at Disneyland!
  4. I joined this club because I wanted to represent my class and leave Senior legacies that hopefully teachers and students will remember and cherish for generations.
  5. People should join because it’s a great experience to meet new people. I was mentioning this to one of my class members, that I’ve met over 20 people I didn’t even know.
  6. When we have performances such as, Homecoming Assembly or Winterfest Assembly, we usually meet up four times a week. And as we get closer to the performance, practices are extended.
  7. We do not have a website. However if you have any questions, stop by to Mr. Girard’s room in D9 or contact Tiffany La, Yen Ma, Lynda Bui, or myself.
  8. Last year, our club did an outstanding job with the assemblies. We placed 1st in Early Bird and the Winterfest Assembly. Nina Nguyen did an outstanding job as Junior Class President and now its my job to keep those titles in our place and to win all the assemblies.
  9. I think the thing I love most about this club is the bonding we have at practices. I laugh and smile every time at practice. It’s an amazing experience.
  10. This club has changed me because it taught me how to work with people and improved my communication skills.  It taught me that collaboration is “key” to a successful club as well.


Vice-President: Tiffany La (12)

  1. Our club’s mission is to promote the spirit of our class through means of class competitions and various activities. We want our class to be spirited in a sense of togetherness.
  2. Our goals for this year is to have the spirit of the Class of the 2015 at an all time high because we’re seniors!!!
  3. We are currently planning our theme for Early Bird and Winterfest.
  4. I joined this club because I wanted our class to be more spirited.
  5. People should join this club because its a fun way to get closer to your classmates and creating new friendships.
  6. We often meet every day/every other day for one month in October and January.
    We have a FB page.
  7. We planned on innovating our club through means of new ideas and just different ways to do things and we did this through our change from class skits to class dance competitions.
  8. I love the people the most and the friendship and bond that comes out of it. This club has influenced me to join ASB. I loved the spirit and the bond and the way we did our class skits. So I decided to try out for it and I did, and now I am currently in it and I love it.


Secretary: Yen Ma (12)

  1. Class of 2015’s mission is to dominate.
  2. Our goals are to bring our class closer and show how much spirit we have and to win.
  3. We are planning on the performing skits for the Homecoming and Winterfest assembly along with spirit lines and earlybird.
  4. I joined this club because I like to dance and so I wanted to participate in performing for the assemblies.
  5. People should join to show their class spirit. Not only will you get the opportunity to meet and bond with a bunch of great people within your class,
  6. We hope to advertise more and get more people to join since there weren’t many people the years before. However this year, there was a great turnout for the Homecoming assembly.
  7. The people, the dancing, the spirit, and the memories.
  8. It allowed me to meet a bunch of new people that became some of my closest friends.