Cianna Putnam (11): Re-Welcoming an Argo

Hundreds of students roam our campus daily; although most are just blurred faces you seem to pick up on as you rush through the hallways, every individual has a story – and it’s our job to shed light onto them. With at least a decade’s worth of knowledge and memories we seem to retain, for most of us it seems as if our journey has only just begun. With the world passing by us and time completely disappearing into thin air, we don’t speculate on the little things and appreciate them. Today I present to you Ciana Putnam, whom is currently a junior and looking forward to each day as an opportunity to learn something new, a day to sit back and enjoy some Prison Break, as well as making a friend or two.

Previously attending Garden Grove High School her freshman year, she took much pride and joy in various activities such as volleyball. For her sophomore year she transferred to Trabuco Hills High School but eventually came back to the home of the Argonauts; like many transitions, Ciana admits that she was in fact “nervous” due to most of her friends graduating the year prior. Fortunately, when coming back to the volleyball program, Coach Frankie graciously allowed Ciana to tryout once again and there arms were outstretched towards her and friendships were to be made; Ciana states, “ I was really glad to meet everyone on the team and get close to a lot of good people.” Despite the volleyball season coming to an end, Ciana comes out with bonds that will last throughout high school and is finding herself attempting to approach others as well.

It’s as if our parents mold or influence the direction we walk towards. It seems that somehow we pick up on things that they like or dislike and inadvertently call it our own. Ciana recalls her mother watching Prison Break when she was younger and decided to start. After the first couple of episodes, she claims to be “kinda obsessed” and with 4 seasons on Netflix and another season in works Ciana is “really happy” and confidently classifies it as one of her “favorites”. Of course, all of this is taking place after homework, or during, accompanied by a snack.. But nonetheless, many of us can agree that Netflix gives us that extra kick out of life.