Cheer Showcase: Cheerleaders Back In The Game!

Standing out from the other teams with their bright, red uniforms, our GGHS cheerleader rallied the crowd that paid a 10 dollar admission fee. This was their second cheerleading showcase, which took place before Thanksgiving on November 19 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Pacific Coast Magic facility in Irvine. Other than Garden Grove, Villa Park was the only high school, competing against different divisions of All-star teams. 

Our Cheerleaders had practice from 3pm to 5pm learning the choreography and music for the performance that Monica, their coach created. Kaylee Bravo (12), one of the bases on the team shares, “Our showcase was so much fun because it gave our team a chance to see what competition is going to be like. We were able to meet great 

All-star teams and the vibe was amazing, it definitely made us excited for the upcoming season.”

GGHS cheerleaders came running and cheering onto the stage when it was their turn to perform. As the music  played in the background, their wonderful performance started with two spectacular stunts. They later went straight into their jumps, which consisted of a front hurdler, a pike, and two toe touches. Our cheerleaders then split into three groups to go back into stunts. After stunting they picked up letters that spelled out “Grove” and went again into stunting, but this time into shoulder sits. In a shoulder sit stunt, they chanted “G-R-O-V-E Grove Pride, Grove Show Your Pride”. 

With big bright smiles, the cheerleaders chanted as as loud as they could to pump up the crowd. They concluded their performance with a brief dance. 

Miana Nguyen (12), a flyer and a base on the team expresses her experience as, “ If felt like we were competing, not just showcasing our talents because we were all so determined to hit our stunts.” 

Once off the stage, they all huddled together in a circle as their coach told them how much they had improved since their last showcase.

These girls represented our campus with pride as they exerted their utmost dedication and efforts to their performance. They all worked hard to get their flyers into the air and to be perfectly synchronized in their jumps. This will be their showcase before the girls head to competition on December 16 at Brea Olinda high school.




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